Campus Preacher Tells Stripping Male Student: ‘This Is Why There’s So Many Lesbians on Campus’

There are a lot of ways to show your opposition to campus preachers. You can play BINGO, you can have a same-sex makeout session right in front of them, you can preach about something that’s not Christianity right next to them…

But I’ve never seen this one: Stripping down to your boxers just to make the preacher uncomfortable:

(The video is a year old but it’s been making the online rounds again this week.)

That’s University of Central Florida student Austin Cooper discombobulating Baptist preacher Micah Armstrong, whose retort is to yell out, “This is why there’s so many lesbians on campus!”

Because, in fundamentalist Christian logic, women become lesbians when there are no good Christian men around. Obviously.

(via The Freethinker)

"Come on, Lucien, you actually expect Christians to have integrity and take responsibility for something?"

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