Christian Group Shows Us What *Really* Happened When Creationist Eric Hovind Debated an 11-Year-Old Boy

You all saw the video where Young Earth Creationist Eric Hovind tries to debate an 11-year-old boy and ends up embarrassing himself with his faulty logic?

Now, Grace Youth Ministries has put out their own version of that segment of the debate. They imply that it shows what *really* happened… but, since most of the video just replays Hovind’s senseless answer, it’s not much of a redemption:

Late in the video, Hovind asks the boy (debate opponent Bernie Dehler‘s son) if there’s any chance he might be wrong about his claim that there’s no proof of God’s existence. The boy says no, presumably to avoid what he thinks is a logical trap by Hovind.

The supposed “gotcha” moment comes when Hovind asks the boy’s dad the same question and the dad answers in a more nuanced way, that saying there’s no proof of God’s existence is the most reasonable claim we can make.

Hovind thinks that’s a victory for him, because anything but complete certainty implies “you’re not sure.”

This is how fundamentalists think. In their minds, atheists say with 100% certainty that God doesn’t exist, as if we have absolute knowledge. The truth is, atheism doesn’t make that claim; it only says that there’s no proof of God’s existence. There never has been. There likely never will be.

But as soon as we say that, they pretend like we’re backing away from a claim we never made in the first place. A lack of complete certainty, to them, means that God could exist and we’re just not looking hard enough. Which makes as much sense as taking the statement “I don’t believe unicorns exist” to mean “SO THERE MIGHT BE UNICORNS OUT THERE!”

(Thanks to @Truman_Smith for the link)

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