A Survey for Nontheists

Richard Haynes (Atheist Nexus) and Dr. Tom Arcaro (Elon University) are trying to find out some details about atheists, specifically about how they interact with non-believing communities. Questions on their survey ask: What is your perception of national atheist organizations? Do you belong to any local/state/national atheist groups? How has your atheism impacted your personal/romantic/social life?

It only took me about 10 minutes to complete. If you have some time to spare, please fill it out.

It’s not scientific, but honest feedback would be very helpful. Haynes and Arcaro will present the results to the leaders of the national atheist organizations this January.

(via Life Without Faith)

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  • Ian Reide

    Completed the survey, slight us-centrism (but then, does not everything?)

  • http://www.facebook.com/kris.punke Kris Punke


  • Bubba Tarandfeathered

    Got it done and spread the word.

  • http://twitter.com/InMyUnbelief TCC

    Done! As someone in a “mixed marriage,” I’m especially glad to see questions about romantic relationships in there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cameron-Willadsen/550975056 Cameron Willadsen

    Taken and done. Thank you very very much for this sort of thing and all your blogs. I would add, if I can ever get in a financial position to actively be involved in a national atheist organization. I have to owe a great deal of thanks to you. Keeping up with this blog as a source of information has been a fantastic discovery.

  • Sarah

    Done! Took me a bit longer than 10 minutes to complete, but that was mostly because I wanted to stop and think about some of the free-form answers. Very thoughtful questions.

  • George Gauthier

    The survey asked for US state of residence but did not allow for answers like District of Columbia or Puerto Rico.

  • RobertoTheChi


  • Deven Kale

    Done. Thanks for keeping us up to date on this, I’ve been wanting to take that survey ever since I first heard it was going to be done.

  • http://squeakysoapbox.com/ Rich Wilson

    Surveys like this should have a general ‘meta’ question to point out problems like that in the survey.  I was stuck on the questions about how I view religious organizations and individuals.  My attitude, from “live and let live” to “hostility” really depends on the situation.  If people want to bring their own religious banners to football games, “Live and let live”.  If people want to pray for their diabetic kid to get better, pretty fuckin’ “Hostile”.

  • http://www.flickr.com/groups/invisiblepinkunicorn Anna

    I filled it out, but a lot of the questions were so broad it was hard to answer.

  • http://www.flickr.com/groups/invisiblepinkunicorn Anna

    I had similar problems with the survey. So much depends on the individual believer. It’s hard to make a sweeping statement about morality or psychological health when “believer” covers everything from Unitarian Universalism to fundamentalism.