Stephen Baldwin Totally Gets Why Angus T. Jones Trashed His Own Show

19-year-old television star Angus T. Jones received a whole lot of flak for telling viewers that they should not watch his show “Two and a Half Men” because it’s “filling your head with filth.” (A sentiment I agree with… but for completely different reasons – it’s just an awful show.)

But Stephen Baldwin — you may remember him from his role in The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas or… oh, who are we kidding, you know him as Alec Baldwin‘s super-religious brother — totally has Jones’ back:

Trust me. I’m a Baldwin.

It just sounds like Angus is having an authentic experience with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s a serious thing,” Baldwin said in a recent interview with Good Morning America. “A real, true walk of Christianity is very difficult, quite radical. It seems to me he was a young man when he started and now he’s kind of come into his own and he’s connected with his pastor.”

Yeah, Christianity is really tough.  It must be difficult biting the hand that feeds you so hard.  And the “real, true walk of Christianity” is a stellar example of that weird thing where religious people always think they’re the ones being “true” Christians, Muslims, etc.  Everyone else is doing it slightly differently and is, therefore, wrong.

Anyway, Baldwin continues:

“I think he knows exactly what he’s doing. Again, he meant to probably have it come out differently,” Baldwin explained. “He didn’t want to offend [show creator] Chuck Lorre or any of the people from the show or be disrespectful, but I think he authentically means what he says where he finds now if you hold up the content of his show to the Bible, what he’s saying is, ‘Now there’s a conflict for me.’”

That last statement holds true even without referencing the show…

In all seriousness, though, a part of me feels for Jones. If I were under contract from the age of nine to be working on a show, and then, as I grew older, I realized, “Holy cow, this show is super homophobic,” maybe I would react in a similar way. Then, another part of me thinks, “This kid makes more than ten times more money per episode than you do in a year. He’ll be fine.”

But, hey, Angus!  You’ve always got this guy in your corner:

Trust me. I’m still a Baldwin.

I’m just waiting for the #Baldwinning hashtag to go viral.

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Jessica Bluemke grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and graduated from Ball State University in 2008 with a BA in Literature. She currently works as a writer and resides on the North side of Chicago.

  • drakvl

    Apparently #Baldwinning is trending, or at least was back in May, but it was a sports meme related to Kansas City Chiefs player Jonathan Baldwin.

  • ortcutt

    Angus T. Jones has a net worth of $15 million.  You have to believe that every pastor around the country would love to get their hands on some of that cold hard child-actor CA$H MONEY.  The Scientologists are probably just disappointed that they didn’t get to him first.  

  • Justin Miyundees

    Is it my imagination, or do people remark on the Baldwin brothers like they did on Charley’s Angels?

    Hope Jones will consider that while there’s very probably evidence a sitcom sucks, it does not make fairies real simply by contrast.

  • Lester Ballard

    Kid, do you really want to end up like Stephen Baldwin? If you do, okay, but don’t say no one tried to warn you.

  • Lester Ballard

    Shouldn’t he give that money up, since it came from filth?

  • John Small Berries

     Speaking of which, Baldwin does have a bit of a resemblance to L. Ron Hubbard in that first picture.

  • ortcutt

    I’m sure the Pastor will let him know that things can be made right with God for a sizable donation toward the good works of the church.   With God all things are possible, even the laundering of spiritually filthy money into holy money.  

  • Conspirator

    I’m just curious since I’ve never watched the show, but how is it homophobic?  I’d be surprised with how long that Chuck Lorre has been in the industry, and the number of shows he’s worked on and those he’s created, that he’d be doing something homophobic.  

  • Lester Ballard

    Of course, Baldwin needs money, too. He filed for bankruptcy; he lost his lawsuit against Kevin Costner. And he can’t get work cause Hollywood hates Jesus.

  • The Other Weirdo

     If he wants to be a True Christian(tm), he needs to give it all away to the poor and to set nothing aside for, or even think about, the future.

  • Kenneth Polit

    Give the money back. Not to your pastor, to the people who gave it to you for your work. Otherwise, STFU.

  • Ibis3

     I don’t know if it’s homophobic, but it’s definitely a sexist piece of crap.

  • Aimster

    I don’t think the author was saying that THIS show is homophobic. I think she was illustrating a point by saying if she was on a show as a young person, and she grew up to realize that show went against a value she held dear, she could relate to Angus’ rebellion. She used “homophobia” to illustrate a value that she would not want to be associated with. 

  • rlrose63

    I’ve been saying since this whole thing started that this group preyed on him for that very purpose… convince him how filthy the show is and once he’s comfortable with that, convince him he needs to get rid of that filthy money he made and OH, how much “good” the church could do with that much money.  It’s just a waiting game at this point.

  • rlrose63

    It’s definitely misogynistic and anti-family.  There is a lot of sexual innuendo going on, but I haven’t seen much homophobia because there hasn’t been much storyline involving a gay character at all.  A lot of nudge-nudge, wink-wink but also quite a bit of outright sexual situations.  It was fun for a few seasons and Jake was always a bright spot… his naivete and ignorance were always fun.

  • rlrose63

    I would totally support him giving the money to the people behind the scenes on the show… set people, camera people, technicians, etc.  They could use the love.

  • Conspirator

    Ah, I see, your interpretation does make sense.  Thank you.

  • Greisha

    Who cares?  Many if not most of them are overpaid anyway and don’t have credentials to justify listening to them.  The worse than opinion of TV/movie celebrity is an opinion of a sport star.

  • Matthew Baker

    I think I would be more impressed if Angus got one of the slightly more talented Baldwins backing him like Alex or Danny. 

  • Gus Snarp

    Huh, according to the earlier story he talks about this show being the work of the enemy, but says he has to keep making the show because he’s under contract for another year. So basically, he’s under contract to Satan so he has no choice but to do Satan’s work for another year. That’s what he said.

    I’m sorry, he doesn’t believe this is the work of Satan as he says it is. He can’t possible really believe that. What legal contract would keep you in the employ of Satan for a year if you really believed in that B.S.? He can walk away from the contract, and if any of what he says about “the work of the enemy” were truly a deeply held belief, he’d walk away, no matter what the financial cost.

  • julie

    How it Two and a Half Men the work of the enemy? How does it bring anyone over to Satan if no one ever watches it in the first place?

  • Kari Lynn

    Because everyone knows that actors/sportspeople don’t have degrees or anything…

  • TnkAgn

    Angus, the answer is simple. No debauched, dissipated and delightfully true-to-his-character Charlie Sheen, no future for that show. So take the $$ now because filth or no filth, this show and your career as a child actor, are over. 

  • jdm8

    It looks like he’s posing the duck face seriously.

  • Greisha

    Kari, I am not sure I understood what you meant. 

    Anyway, degree is only one kind of credentials.  Body of work may present more credentials than degrees.

  • Rich Wilson

    Speaking of Baldwins, this is on Netflix now

    An attorney returns to his small home town in Alaska and quickly rocks the boat by getting an injunction against the nativity display tradition and attacking Christmas.

    No,  I was unable to finish it.

  • Deven Kale

     I’d think he can’t get any work because Baldwin’s can’t act, but maybe that’s just me.

  • Lester Ballard

    Stephen Baldwin has made some fine films for the SyFy channnel.

  • Kari Lynn

    Example: Brian May. He’s not an actor, he’s a rock star, but he’s close enough. He has a Ph.D in astrophysics. What about Natalie Portman?  She’s coauthored papers that have been published in science journals.

    I know that’s only two, but a lot of famous people have credentials outside of acting/playing sports/making music. 

  • Aclove93

    Good thing Alec isn’t the super religious one O.o

  • Greisha

    Kari, I know about both of them and respect them.   I did not say none have credential, there are others, for example Danica McKellar or Bill Cosby. 

    When I said credentials, maybe better word would be credibility.  I meant that being celebrity itself does not lend credibility to their words.

  • Kari Lynn

    Ah. Okay! Sorry for the mix-up!

  • Richard Wade

    If we evolved from apes, why does Stephen Baldwin still exist?

  • LesterBallard

    Ooops. Stephen has been arrested for tax evasion in New York. I bet he’s being persecuted.

  • Ned Kelly

    That was so funny Lester. I imagine you fell off your chair laughing while you typed that!

  • Beckuh

    He shouldn’t give his money to anyone..regardless of whether or not its a “filthy” show he still EARNED every bit of it.

  • Kerrie

    3 quick points -I have to agree that most programs produced in Hollywood don’t harmonise with Scripture. . Tithing is a Biblical principle – not simply some random demand from the church to get money out of a person. Once Angus manages to get himself out of this contract, maybe he could like to do some acting in Christian movies of the callibre of Courageous, Fireproof etc.

  • Deven Kale


    Tithing is a Biblical principle – not simply some random demand from the church to get money out of a person.

    You seem to think that the two are mutually exclusive, when they’re not. Just because it’s in the Bible doesn’t mean it’s not made up, in fact it seems we can be pretty sure that just about all of it is.