Uganda’s ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill Will No Longer Actually Kill Gays

In this weeks edition of “Thanks… I guess” News:

There has been a revised version of the infamous “Kill the Gays” bill proposed by Ugandan lawmakers.  The death penalty will no longer be applied to convicted homosexual “parents or authority figures, HIV-positive people, pedophiles and repeat offenders.” According to Parliamentarian David Bahati, the bill has “moved away from the death penalty after considering all the issues that have been raised.”

In my head, he is saying, “Fine guys. If you’re going to be a turd about it, we won’t kill people who are slightly different from me. Jeez.”

David Bahati

But this is what he actually said:

Bahati said the bill now focuses on protecting children from gay pornography, banning gay marriage, counseling gays, as well as punishing those who promote gay culture. Jail terms are prescribed for various offenses, he said, offering no details.

Well isn’t that generous?

The bill is still set to go to a vote this month.  Though internationally condemned, it appears no nations have threatened to pull their aid from the country should the bill pass.

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