Uganda’s ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill Will No Longer Actually Kill Gays

In this weeks edition of “Thanks… I guess” News:

There has been a revised version of the infamous “Kill the Gays” bill proposed by Ugandan lawmakers.  The death penalty will no longer be applied to convicted homosexual “parents or authority figures, HIV-positive people, pedophiles and repeat offenders.” According to Parliamentarian David Bahati, the bill has “moved away from the death penalty after considering all the issues that have been raised.”

In my head, he is saying, “Fine guys. If you’re going to be a turd about it, we won’t kill people who are slightly different from me. Jeez.”

David Bahati

But this is what he actually said:

Bahati said the bill now focuses on protecting children from gay pornography, banning gay marriage, counseling gays, as well as punishing those who promote gay culture. Jail terms are prescribed for various offenses, he said, offering no details.

Well isn’t that generous?

The bill is still set to go to a vote this month.  Though internationally condemned, it appears no nations have threatened to pull their aid from the country should the bill pass.

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  • LesterBallard

    Bryan Fischer is so disappointed.

  • Erp

    They have lied about this before, and, I gather the bill cannot actually be changed until it reaches the floor again (which it has not).  In addition the last time they announced this, the bill’s penalty section dropped death and referred to another section of the already existing criminal code for the penalty, that section called for death (in other words the word ‘death’ vanished but not the penalty).  The current bill revives an earlier version which explicitly calls for death.  I would check with Throckmorton’s reports as he seems to be very on top of it.

    A lot of countries btw are more likely to pull aid because of the large scale corruption (i.e., most of the money isn’t aiding anyone except the powerful) and part of the reason for this particular bill may be to divert attention from the corruption. 

  • Sami Hawkins

    I’m pretty sure this latest claim that theirs totally not a death penalty is just the latest bit of disinformation from Uganda’s government and it’s American allies.

  • Daniel_JM

    Thank  you, I was going to post this link too.

  • chicago dyke

    cause yeah, i so totally believe everything you say. not. 

    is David Bahati fucking immature male goats? it’s irresponsible not to speculate. 

  • John Kusters

    The problem is that we’ve heard this before, and yet the death penalty remained. I’m having a hard time believing anything that Ugandan politicians say about the death penalty aspect of this bill. They *really* want to kill gay people, and seem to be willing to lie to international media to get attention off their backs. We won’t really know if the death penalty part is in there until the final bill gets signed.

  • Intelligent Donkey

    If they want to base their laws on the bible, they don’t get to opt out of the punishment so lovingly described in that same bible.

    You don’t like the gays, because the bible tells you so?
    Then you bloody well kill them, because the bible tells you so!

    And stop wearing mixed fabrics. You don’t get to pick and choose from The Word of God. Divorce is also out.

  • geru

    So now it will only be the Ugandan lynch mobs who will be doing the killing, inspired by the persecution towards the gays promoted by their government. They’ve still got a long way to go…

  • Randy

    On this blog, I learned that (1) the bill passed, and then (2) the death penalty is removed.

    Except the first item is simply false (we don’t say a bill “passes” until it passes final reading), and the second item has no actual evidence to support it and is similar to a lie we heard last year.

    Next time, perhaps link to the actual text of the bill.

  • DavidC

    Wow that’s mighty white of them ,oh sorry whites kill off the American Indians.
    How about, put the stupid,delusional, bible humping folks in jail. Tell them Billy Graham
    LIED TO THEM, when he brought his jesus loves you shit to Africa, I remember him
    saying so in the 80′s, I don’t know why that fuck just don’t DIE already

  • Cousin Ricky

    Well, this will be about the third or fourth time they’ve removed the death penalty provision. I wouldn’t celebrate even a tiny bit.

  • Coyotenose

    Hmm. I wonder if what’s-his-excuse will make an appearance here to Pope’splain how indoctrinating young Ugandan orphans in homophobic Christianity has absolutely nothing to do with religious Ugandans growing up and citing Christianity for their murderous homophobia.

  • Russian Alex

    Yeah, instead of killing them, we’ll just let them rot in prison for the rest of their lives, because that’s so much more forgiving and humane. Except not really; we’ll just lie to you and still execute them, because fuck you.

  • janet

     yes geru,…..homosexuality is a deviance behavior our country can not promote it.if you are gay know that you are sick and must look for cure.for your information we the students in uganda are planning a demonstration to show how much we detest and hate the practice of homosexuality and how much we value good morals and decency.

  • Franka

    lets kick the homosexuals out of uganda if they are really in uganda.

  • Jovia


  • Caty

     we have already condemned homosexuality in uganda ,we will fight it with the last drop of our blood.i say this for God and my country uganda.