Reading God’s Diary…

College Humor looks at the Bible as if it were God’s Diary… (some NSFW language)

Love the part about the band names :)

(Thanks to Vini for the link)

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  • GwydionFrost

    LOVE the last two lines… LOVE IT!

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Loved the ending :)

  • Andrew Hall

    So, God is a mythicist? I should have seen that coming.

  • Rich Wilson

    almost made that man kill his only child

    Um, Ishmael?

  • Guest

    Wow. I have always thought that god the father is supposed to be spirit. Seems like some ignoramuses visualize him in physical form. I am sure Buddha, Vishnu, Allah and the rest are laughing too. Just that they are directing at the idoits who produces this sketch.

  • Jason Horton

    How would you know what this “god” was supposed to be?

  • KeithCollyer


  • NotTHATguest

    Yeah, I mean, what was that idiot thinking when he painted the Sistine Chapel.

  • Ibis3

     A spirit who takes evening walks in the garden of Eden.