They Must Have Been Imaginary Friends

Breaking news, everyone: Dolly figured out the conspiracy!

I can’t wait for Liberty Council to label the Family Circus as Naughty for suggesting that holidays might be about more than just Jesus…

(Thanks to Larry for the link!)

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  • HughInAz

    So that’s why Jesus’s childhood is missing from the bible – he spent that time at the North Pole!

  • ReadsInTrees

    Speaking of “about more than just Jesus”, has anyone noticed an increase in comments and such along those lines. It seems like every editorial or letter-to-the-editor that talks about Christmas traditions when they were growing up, or how much they love (or hate) seeing family during the holiday, or how much they loved getting a pair of skates then they were a kid, or anything at all like that….and someone will invariably troll through with a comment like, “What, no mention of Jesus? The TRUE meaning of the holidays?”

  • TerranRich

    …or for suggesting that Santa Claus and Jesus are equally imaginary…

  • Octoberfurst

     Jesus was one of Santa’s elves!! Mystery solved!

  • Kari Lynn

    When you’re a kid, you have far more evidence of Santa than you do of Jesus.

  • Edmond

    Yesterday’s quote at Atheist Quote of the Day:

    “How much critical analysis does a child do when accepting Jesus at their parents’ urging? From childhood we are indoctrinated. When we start to question Santa and God, our parents come clean about Santa but not God.”

  • Anna

    LOL, I loved The Family Circus growing up, but my favorite hands down is their bizarre Christmas special!

    Who knew that Santa was a necromancer?

  • Willy Occam

     Parents don’t “come clean” about God because they believe that fairy tale as well.

  • Guest

    The accusers are often just as if not more ‘imaginative’ and delussional that those they accessed. I discovered this site as an agnostic. I am beginining to feel that there there is deity after all. There is so much evil in man’s thoughts and deeds. I can’t say whether there will be punishment at the end, but I sure would like to think that it will happen. Looks like this site is converting me into an agnostic- deist.

    Man still doesn’t know what the 99.9+% space that he is supposed to be made up is made up of , yet he seems so sure that others are dellusional. Is there some evil force out there for people who try to psychologically destroy others? There is a saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. It can certainly be used to spread evil thoughts.

  • Anna

    Uh, I’m lost. What does this have to do with the Family Circus?

    I am beginining to feel that there there is deity after all.


    There is so much evil in man’s thoughts and deeds. I can’t say whether there will be punishment at the end, but I sure would like to think that it will happen.

    Why do you want people to be punished? That doesn’t sound very loving. Depending on the type of punishment, it might be terribly immoral as well as cruel. Surely you’re better than that? If you have to believe in a deity, can’t you at least believe in a loving and humane one?

  • Jenprohaska

    My daughter and I had a discussion about what constitutes “evidence,” because for St. Patrick’s Day, there was an awful lot of evidence that a leprechaun had been in her classroom.  It had knocked over chairs, left footprints and candy, and even written on the board.  My daughter was completely convinced that leprechauns are real.  I took it as a good opportunity to discuss how this teacher-planted “evidence” could be proved or disproved.  

    And you are so right; kids see Santa’s sooty bootprint, or a reindeer bell, and cookies eaten and milk drank.  Even though it’s the work of clever parents, there’s so much more evidence of Santa’s existence than Jesus’s!  I want to see this census record of Joseph’s family…

  • GwydionFrost

    And when it is used to create dogmas and doctrines (aka ‘religion’), you can get people to do all sorts of atrocities, because the “pen” told them it was good and righteous to do so.

  • allein

    They’re not always that clever…eventually I realized that Santa and my mom had the same handwriting. ;)

  • Robster

    Are they feeding that kid properly? She hasn’t grown an inch in years.

  • Helanna

    This is the type of thinking that always gets me the most. “Well, I really, really, really wished that God existed, therefore he does.”

    Sorry, not quite. 

  • Artor

    Doncha know? Gawd will provide. That absolves the parent of actually doing anything to support their kids.

  • Godlesspanther

    I like it. I especially like the expression on dad’s face…

    “Uh, how the fuck do I respond to this one?” 

    Children do make an association between Jesus and Santa Clause. It’s a natural logical connection that they make in their minds in response to the information that they gather about the two characters. 

    Why do you suppose that is?