Be Counted: Take the Atheist Census

Got a minute to spare? Take the Atheist Census and help gather some nifty data about the distribution of atheists around the world:

***Update***: As I write this, the site is down:

On 7 December Atheist Alliance International launched Atheist Census at, a global project to count and collect information on the world’s atheists. The response to the site was very positive, with well over 8,000 people contributing in the first 24 hours. The site has been the subject of a DoS (denial of service) attack and is currently offline.

The President of Atheist Alliance International, Carlos A. Diaz, said “We do not know who is behind the attack but it’s a reasonable conclusion that they do not like atheists being counted. We are working hard to get Atheist Census online again.”

Hopefully, by the time you read this, it’ll be back up and running.

(via Atheist Alliance International)

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