Be Counted: Take the Atheist Census

Got a minute to spare? Take the Atheist Census and help gather some nifty data about the distribution of atheists around the world:

***Update***: As I write this, the site is down:

On 7 December Atheist Alliance International launched Atheist Census at, a global project to count and collect information on the world’s atheists. The response to the site was very positive, with well over 8,000 people contributing in the first 24 hours. The site has been the subject of a DoS (denial of service) attack and is currently offline.

The President of Atheist Alliance International, Carlos A. Diaz, said “We do not know who is behind the attack but it’s a reasonable conclusion that they do not like atheists being counted. We are working hard to get Atheist Census online again.”

Hopefully, by the time you read this, it’ll be back up and running.

(via Atheist Alliance International)

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  • the moother

    Offline due to DDOS attack….

    Could it be simply that more atheists than expected are trying to report for duty and the server can’t hold up?

    This is good news ofc!

  • chicago dyke

    the haters are so afraid, so very afraid. DoS all you want, it won’t make us go away, or continue to grow in number. 

  • Fred Simon

    Frankly, I’m not so sure it is a DoS attack. The growth was exponential (like any viral adventure), and they had this annoying bug that when you wished to share your participation after e-mail validation, it send the validation link to everyone.
    I don’t know the details of their systems, but receiving thousands of identical requests of e-mail validation from all over the board can kill a standard DB.

    So, anyway please fix the bug and get back on-line fast…

  • Angus Bohanon

    As “the moother” pointed out, it can be very hard to tell the difference between a DDoS attack and simply crashing due to high traffic.  I wouldn’t be so sure that this isn’t a good thing, and I wouldn’t be so quick to play the victim.

  • globalarte
  • Al

    Like this because the official site is down :(

  • Levi Claussen

    I’m with the group suspecting reddit or FB over malicious DDOS. 

  • Octoberfurst

    I have been trying for 2 days to take the census but the site is still down.  :-(

  • billybobbibb

    Still down :(

  • dorothy30

     that facebook page is not set up by AAI and they have posted a request that it be taken down.

  • The Captain

    It could be regular traffic, but a DDOS attack is rather easy to spot on the server logs. It will leave tell tale signs that heavy traffic does not.

  • Lily

    Why should I give my personal information to this insecure website? I live in a country where a large proportion of the population are non-religious, many  ‘religious’ people are not very observant, and the percentage of non-religious people is increasing.

  • Keulan

    The site’s still down for me. Hope if comes back up soon.

  • kdp

     Very true.  And anyone who has tried to open a suddenly-popular link from Slashdot is familiar with the term “slashdotted”.  Could be a similar problem here.

  • Matt Kovach

    The technical team behind the project confirmed it was a DoS attack. We had processes in place to manage the influx, including the temporary suspension of submissions when the email queue grew too large. We are working to get the site back online as soon as we can.

  • the moother

    I find it highly unlikely that an attack could have been coordinated so fast…

    It’s not that I doubt your IT skills and preparedness but rather that I doubt the technical acumen of folks that think Adam rode to the fruit store on the back of a Stegosaurus…

    If it’s any conciliation, atheists around the world are joining their hands together in prayer for the speedy recovery of your infrastructure…

    Ok, maybe not…, but you get the sentiment…

  • Paul King

    Only when we let politicians know just what a massive political force we now represent will our influence be felt and absurdities like “In God we trust” be removed from our bank notes. Do all you can to promote this census.