As If Governor Nikki Haley Has a Better Option…

It’s not entirely serious, of course, but now that Senator Jim DeMint has resigned from the Senate, it’s up to Republican Governor Nikki Haley to appoint his replacement until a special election can take place, and Richard Dawkins is endorsing native son Herb Silverman:

I think the time is now ripe for South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to appoint Herb Silverman as the first acknowledged Jewish Atheist in the United States Senate. Herb has had political experience in his 1990 run for Governor of South Carolina, as described in his book Candidate Without a Prayer: An Autobiography of a Jewish Atheist in the Bible Belt.

Herb is Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Mathematics from the College of Charleston and will soon be retiring as President of the Secular Coalition for America so he can devote full time to his work in the Senate. He promises to follow our godless Constitution carefully and will take his oath for office as he affirms on the Jefferson bible.

Well, I’d choose Herb over likely replacement Rep. Tim Scott… but I’m guessing Haley won’t agree. Still, if you’d like to send the governor a message as to why she should reconsider, you can do that here.

I asked Herb what he thought about Dawkins’ endorsement and he told me this:

The highlight of my campaign has been the endorsement from Richard Dawkins. Should South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley now appoint me as United States Senator to replace the quitting Senator Jim DeMint, it would be almost enough to make me believe in miracles.

Well put :)

If you’d like more information about Herb, you can read more about his run for Governor as well as an interview we did with him when his book was released.


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  • Aimeejoe

    Ugh!  Haley is such an embarrassment to SC.  Living in this state is hard enough, she has added another level of pain.  

  • cxmiller10

    What about Stephen Colbert? Now there’s a Christian whom secular voters could support!

  • Richard Wade

    Let me consult the Unlikelyometer to see how many alternate universes I would have to pass through to get to the one where Haley appoints Silverman to the Senate: bzzzbzzzbzzzbzzzbzzzbzzzbzzz

    Ok, that alternate universe is only 744,589,421,488,040,301,212,109 alternate universes away from this one. 32 of them include Ray Comfort becoming an atheist activist, 13 of them contain an outwardly gay Pope, 2 are just really, really too weird to describe, and one has Honey Boo Boo as the world’s greatest expert on early childhood development.

    I’ll start packing for my journey! Maybe I’ll make it!

  • Aaron Scoggin

    Exactly! He has all of the qualifications of a Republican candidate – STRONG religious views, a fat stack of cash, and more arrogance than you can shake a stick at! AND he’s friends with Bill O’Reilly! 

  • abb3w

    There’s reports circulating that Colbert’s current legal residence is in NJ; if this is accurate, it would appear to leave him ineligible. Even without the gaffe about milk.

  • Gringa

    I am so excited to hear the Jim DeMint has resigned!  I don’t know how I missed this but it just made my day.  Thank you from Charleston SC.