Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless Looking for Volunteers

The Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless is rebooting with a new Facebook page and a giveaway on December 16th! If you’re in the area and eager to help out, they could use some volunteers.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s just one of their videos showcasing a giveaway:

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  • Joe Zamecki

    Thanks for posting this Hemant! :o)

  • Jordan Olsen

    Whoa, wait a sec. These atheists don’t have souls, so where are they getting the moral compass to do such good deeds?! Must be faking it for show.

    Or maybe it’s the devil! That wily devil. He’s making these atheists do good so more good, God fearing, moral Christians will leave their faith! 

    Totally explains the hurricanes and earthquakes God sends to punish the gays too! God works in mysterious ways and so does his nemesis the devil! 

  • Jesús Zamora

    My definition proposal for “atheist”, in Wiki Portal: