Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber: The FFRF Needs to Be Punched in the Mouth (Metaphorically, Of Course)

Matt Barber of the conservative Christian group Liberty Counsel knows exactly how to defeat the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a group he think functions like a grade school bully: Punch them in the mouth. Metaphorically. (Because when you want to fight back against a bully, metaphors will do the trick!)

What do you do with a bully? If a bully keeps getting his way and intimidating kids on the playground, and nobody stands up for themselves, then the bully is encouraged and emboldened and continues to bully more and more people.

But when a little kid is being bullied and he turns around and punches a bully in the mouth — metaphorically speaking, of course — then the bully, often times, is proven to be a paper tiger. Well, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is nothing but a giant paper tiger.

It’s pretty laughable that the behemoth Liberty Counsel considers the FFRF a “bully” to begin with. The FFRF isn’t destroying the Establishment Clause of the Constitution, or trying to legislate atheist beliefs into the law, or preventing private displays of religiosity, or putting out a yearly list of which companies are on its good and bad side. All FFRF does is protect the Constitution wherever its being violated (usually by Christians) with respect to government endorsement of religion.

FFRF isn’t the school bully. It’s the bodyguard protecting the bully’s victims.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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  • C Peterson

    They call themselves the Liberty Counsel, yet they seem to not understand the meaning of liberty.

    (Is it just me, or does that guy look like he should be called “Sluggo”?)

  • roberthughmclean

    Desperate people say desperate things. Did anyone notice the videos that pop up after this one’s concluded? Wow, there’s lots of serious nutters on the other side of the fence.

  • cxmiller10

    Yeah, just like Jesus said!

  • 7Footpiper

    I didn’t even need to watch the videos that popup after.  Youtube have perfected a video algorithm which is able to capture someone at their most deranged and use that shot as the video thumbnail.

  • Octoberfurst

     I wonder how Matt Barber thinks that Christians should “punch the bully”–i.e. the FFRF–”in the mouth”?  He never says what they should do. Of course he adds the word, “metaphorically” at the end to cover his butt in case some crackpot actually takes a swing, (or worse), at a FFRF member.
      I also found his first statement really interesting: “It ‘s amazing how people who are so ideologically driven like this trying  to reinvent and recreate an America in their own secular humanist image have to get around or trample over, if you will, the United States Constitution…”   Wow, just change “secular humanist” to “Christian fundamentalist” and you have described Liberty Counsel to a “T”. Project much Matt?

  • Helanna

    I just love that fact that atheists are always “bullies” or “tyrants” even when *the courts keep agreeing with us*. I mean, it’s pretty clear by this point – no government endorsement of religion means exactly that. 

    I mean, their arguments always seem to boil down to “Well, yes, technically it’s illegal, but we’re Christians and we’re the majority so that’s okay!” Guys. That’s not how that works. 

  • Robert Baty

    It seems to me that there is a connection between Matt Barber’s
    rant against the FFRF and the problems his Liberty Law School, Liberty
    University, Matt Staver of Liberty Law School, et al, are facing for
    their alleged parts in the international kidnapping of Janet Jenkins’
    I figure it also might have something to do with the FFRF challenging
    as UNconstitutional the law that allows ONLY “ministers” to have as
    much income tax free income as they can get as long as they spend it on
    housing; and how some of them like to spend on housing. That case has
    already made history while Congress and the President sit on their hands
    and are content to let the FFRF take the heat from such as Matt Barber.

  • Ian Glazko

    The FFRF isn’t the bully, it’s the kid.  It’s not beating up kids for lunch money and waiting for the Liberty Counsel to punch it, it’s realizing it just punched the bully and wiping off the footprints.

  • LesterBallard

    They understand just fine. They care about their liberty. That’s all.

  • G Cowell

    Three words you should consider Mr Matt Barber: Pot, Kettle, Black.

  • newavocation

    If you have not heard Todd Snider the folk singing storyteller yet you need to. He has some great freethinking songs. In particular the lyrics for the following song describe what happens when you challenge the bully:

    Also his newest album Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables made the top 50 albums at Rolling Stone this year.

  • Dats3

    I agree.  In my 39 years on this planet and having worked for the methodist church for nearly a decade I’ve learned that when christians accuse those who oppose them, like voicing any sort dissent or opposition, you need to look as to whether or not they are projecting.  It seems common that folks at Liberty and other religious organizations want the public and their follows to believe they are being victimized by the “others” while simultaneously attacking.  You can’t do both but you can sure project that view. They are losing their power of influence and they know it.  Religion is about power over people folks. That’s all.  Well money too.

  • Adam Patrick

    It’s like “family” or “values”. Just put words like that in there and you can paint any opponents as being against something like “the family”, or  “decency”, or in this case “liberty”

  • Patheos H1s

    (It’s not just you. He was a professional boxer.)

  • C Peterson

    Ah. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. That explains much.

  • Greg1466

    It’s amazing how consistently they get the metaphor right, but the roles reversed. 

  • Revolutionary Bum

    If you go against the social norm; you probably aren’t the bully.

  • John H

    Rhetorical study has a term for this: an ideograph. An ideograph is a word that has a stable connotative meaning but unstable or contested denotative meaning. Family or freedom are good (to most of us, anyway), but what, specifically, they denote shifts with context. Communism is another one (we apparently gave up on resisting the ideographic construction at some point and just started using “socialism” instead, though that one has since been co-opted as a slur as well).

  • Aaa

    Good thing for Matt Barber there isn’t any mention about bearig false witness in The Nine Commandments.

  • houndies

    it’s alot about money. fattest checkbook owns the church.

  • David Wallach

    What is it about some of these Christians that they’re never satisfied unless they’re shoving their unfounded, false, and dangerous beliefs down everybody’s throat.  And if you protest against their doing so, they whine that it is their rights that are being abridged.

  • Slade Foster

    Well I’m an atheist submission grappler and I’d very much like the opportunity to choke Mr. Barber out.  Metaphorically speaking, of course.

  • Sk8eycat

    They enjoy pretending to feel “persecuted,” and howling about it (like the FAUX Noose-invented “War on Xmas.”)  It makes them feel important instead of insignificant, that’s all.  I wouldn’t exactly say they are nobodies, but they certainly are annoying pests.  Like fleas.

  • Coyotenose

    “I feel stupid… AND contagious!”  Heehee, he’s great.

  • David

    He makes a great point! FFRF goes out and attacks people who the’ve never come into contact with. In Augusta, Georgia, our Mayor got attack for holding prayer breakfasts. Clearly, there was no establishment of religion, just a mayor exercising his right to practice his own religion. FFRF decides that it violates the constitution and threatens to sue. The courts must be corrupt to agree with these moronic bullies. If its not ESTABLISHED then no law has been broken. 

  • Lldaly

    David,  you do not understand the position of mayor!  Are you anewborn baby?

  • Terry

     Mr. Dats3 u wasted 10 yrs of ur life.

  • Terry

     Mr. Dats3 u wasted 10 yrs of ur life.

  • Brandon

    It doesn’t matter if he tried to establish a religion or not, the point there was that he is holding a governmental position, and had breakfast with other government employees, while on governmental grounds, and held prayers.