The Success of Shoes for the Sole-less

Back in March, I posted about a shoemaker from Germany named David Bonney. He had created a line of shoes especially for atheists:

Bonney wanted to raise $30,000 for the production and distribution of these shoes via Kickstarter. He ended up with nearly double that.

Now, The Irish Times has a report on the success of the shoes:

[Bonney:] “Our first idea was to make Christian shoes with water in the [soles] — so you could walk on water — but it didn’t really sit with our own beliefs. So we decided to do something about what we believed in — which was nothing.”

Earlier this year, the prototype was launched on the influential trending site, attracting 650,000 page views in 24 hours. Some 1,000 pairs have since been sold, with 10 per cent of profits to going to secular charities. Priced: €129-€140 (

That’s amazing. If you’d like to buy the shoes, you can do that right here.

(Thanks to @Buffalocrisps for the link!)

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  • Gordon Duffy

    I’d like to re-sole my Converse with these.

  • nomnom

    $180 for a pair of tennis shoes? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GloomCookie613

    Tennis shoes that look like ugly bowling shoes no less.

  • chicago dyke

    i love the idea, but that’s a little steep for a pair of casual shoes. 

  • chicago dyke

    i love the idea, but that’s a little steep for a pair of casual shoes. 

  • The Other Weirdo

    I like the quote on their website about how they didn’t like that shoes were all being made the same. So they went out and made new shoes that are basically the same except for a different colour. 

  • Pepe


  • Baal

    I was hoping for something like a reverse flip-flop.  No bottom, all top.

  • Huh…?

    Atheist trotting on atheists and Darwin and paying for it. That is funny. I thought the atheists would be having the names of those they dare not offend too loudly under their feet instead. Or maybe that is on the inner sole? Atheists can be funny sometimes ie when they laugh at themselves. Knowingly or unknowingly, I am not sure.

  • allein

    Your name fits your post well.

    How would anyone offend Darwin? He’s been dead for 130 years.

  • Frank Rapp53

    They’re not tennis shoes. Get a grip. My wife bought a pair for me, and while the price is a bit steep, I love their uniqeness. Plus they’re still way less than the prices we saw on shoes at Nordstrom’s the other day. And those shoes don’t help to fund any causes that I care to fund. So.