BANG!: A Humanist Musical Is Coming to Portland, Oregon

The Center For Inquiry – Portland is doing something novel to celebrate the Winter Solstice: They’re hosting a first-run musical!

BANG! portrays the evolution of the universe from the Big Bang to today. Highlights include 8 Planets And A Star, which celebrates the dance and balance of our solar system, and New Ape In Town, which features matriarchal Bonobos expressing their observations of a strange, new, upright, hairless ape seen roaming about.

I’m amused and I haven’t even seen a preview yet. If you’re in the area, the show takes place Friday and Saturday, December 21st-22nd. Tickets can be purchased here!

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  • Aaron Scoggin

    That’s awesome! I live about an hour away, but I can’t afford the gas and the ticket. Should be a great show though.

  • drakvl

    I had a similar idea in a different medium: one day, whenever I learn to play the piano, I plan to start on a symphony retelling the history of the universe in music. I  tried describing orbits as a repeating sequence of notes going up and down (mimicking sine or cosine), but it sounded too much like the Final Fantasy prelude.

  • Chris

    A story about a group of bonobos? And they managed to make it family-friendly?