Jon Stewart (Mostly) Agrees with Atheists Regarding the ‘War on Christmas’

Last night, The Daily Show covered the War on Christmas and how the right wing attacks atheists in particular for being “intolerant bullies”:

Jon Stewart showed a clip of Dave Silverman arguing that atheists are only fighting for government to not preference one religion over another — and actually agreed (for once!) with what he said… before adding a side comment about how going after a local Nativity scene may not help meet those ends…

Stewart’s wrong about that. If we let the relatively little things slide, the Christian Right will only use those examples as justification for why they should be able to break the law on a larger scale. We need to continue going after every possible violation of church/state separation or else we’ll end up with an atheist version of the “broken windows theory.” (I talked about it more in depth here.)

You know, Stewart could always ask Dave Silverman to come on the show and explain it all to him. Considering all the clips he’s shown of the “Godless” man, he might as well bring him on to get a first-hand account of why we fight.

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