Bryan Fischer: God Could Have Saved Those Kids, but He Won’t Go Where He’s Not Wanted

Christianist Bryan Fischer has an explanation for the Connecticut shootings, too:

Fischer said that God could have protected the victims of this massacre, but didn’t because “God is not going to go where he is not wanted” and so if school administrators really want to protect students, they will start every school day with prayer:

The tragedy is surreal enough. This commentary suggests that Fischer sees it as nothing more than a political tool to advance his agenda.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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  • JoshEvolved

    Look another disgusting parasite of a human being.

  • JWH

    If a benevolent god administers the universe, then how does something like this happen?  Of two possible conclusions, I prefer the conclusion that there is no god.  The only possible alternative explanation is if an omnipresent, omniscient god administers this universe, that god is either malevolent or criminally negligent.

  • Rich Wilson

    Right.  Because nobody has ever been killed in a church.  I find the cognitive dissonance to say something like that, or Pat Robertson’s various explanations for earthquakes and hurricanes  no, sorry, I don’t have a word to describe it.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Hey, Bryan Fischer.


  • Rich Wilson

    To which of course Bryan would pat you on the head and point out how angry atheists are.

  • Frank Mitchell

    Fischer’s not pushing his agenda, he’s pushing GOD’s agenda.  Because God agrees with Fischer on everything.  Just ask God.

    (Irony isn’t dead.  Just 27 people in Connecticut, among too many others.  Wherever death, pain, horror, tribalism, and sanctimonious rationalizations for all of these exist, yes Virginia there is irony.)

  • Gregory Marshall

    Kind of a petty reaction from an alleged omnipotent being.

  • Gus Snarp

    So basically, God is a petulant toddler.

  • RobMcCune

    And I thought Eric Hovind was despicable, now it’s passive aggressive schadenfreude from Brian Fischer. Well he seems committed to no one being more awful than him.

  • m6wg4bxw

    “God is not going to go where he is not wanted.”
    “It’s time to get a little of that free exercise of religion back into schools.”

    Kids are free to want god while at school. Kids are free to privately exercise their religion wile at school. So, what now? Blame the kids?

  • Thin-ice

    I dare Mr. Fischer to go to Conn. and tell that to the fundamentalist Christian parents of one of the dead children. But he won’t, because he’s a coward.

  • Bubba Tarandfeathered

    There are no consequences for questioning the will of Gawd, when Gawd doesn’t exist.

  • LesterBallard

    If Fisher’s god actually existed, that would be perfectly in character of him. 

  • Cecelia Baines

    You disgusting pig of a vile sack of oxygen stealing protoplasm. There are not enough torture devices or punishments in the world for you Fischer you disgusting sub-human piece of excrement.

    I truly hope you choke on your own blood and die.

  • Thin-ice

    Actually, Mr. Fischer’s God is pretty consistent with the capricious OT God that sent a bear to kill 30 children who were laughing at a guy’s bald head. Looks like the same God to me.

  • LesterBallard

    So who is next? Donohue? Robertson? Limbaugh? Coulter?Will the next rancid, maggot blown pile of cockroach shit come on down . . .

  • jdm8

    “We kicked God out of schools” is such a lazy trope, it’s too bad they haven’t used the last 50+ years to retire it and find a better one. He knows nothing about the shooter’s motivations and I am certain he wouldn’t issue a mea culpa if he was wrong, unless he was backed into doing so.

  • jdm8

     Exactly right. The one I’m most aware of is of George Tiller, killed by a religious zealot, during service IIRC.

  • Darwin’s Dagger

    So basically what he’s saying is that god is an enormous asshole.

  • Drhoward53

    And that will accomplish what?

  • Amy

    and the risk of being indelicate, go fuck yourself Mr. Fischer. I revel in the thought that you will suffer a long and painful life.

  • Rolf Boettger

    Apparently the folks at the Greater Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church
     must have been doing something wrong as well.

  • Dorium’s Head

    So god is running a protection racket. Fucking disgusting.

  • Jen Ibrahim

    Yeah, that’s why Christians never die in accidents and churches never get dammaged in storms.  What is it with these fucking idiots?

  • m6wg4bxw

    With all due respect to those suffering the loss, that story is fucking hilarious.

  • NotAChristian

    Countdown to gun supporter saying “If we’d let the other kids at school carry guns one of them could have prevented this disaster”


  • Salford3lad

    We have enough religious nutters here in the UK but I really despair at the US, glad you’re fighting the good fight,  Hemant.

  • Matt Eggler

    Many of the Christians I know wonder why I don’t have much respect for them. I know three Christians who disagree with the kids of things Fischer, Hovind and their ilk say and will stand up and let those people know what they think of it. The rest rest say the kinds of things Hovind, Fischer, et al say or agree with them or if they disagree they refuse to speak up about it. How can these people expect my respect?

  • Gus Snarp

    I am reminded of Big Butter Jesus, AKA Touchdown Jesus:

  • Cortex_Returns

    It’s nice to know that God has developed a healthy respect for others’ boundaries. Now if only we could find a way to tell him to move out of our government….

  • Nathan Mclean

    This type of rhetoric should be criminal. Freedom of speech is one thing but freedom of ignorance and stupidity is something else entirely.  

  • Baal

    So to the folks who are decent christians, could you provide a link to a regular christian talking head disclaiming Fisher’s repugnant statements? 

  • Cortex_Returns

    Also, this:

  • houndies

    What a piece of shit! And thats an insult to shit! I’d like to see this guy get punched in face.

  • RWlawoffice

    This is just bad theology. 

  • Randomfactor

    If only Bryan Fischer would emulate his god and not go where he’s not wanted…like, in front of cameras.

  • Randomfactor

     There is no good theology.

  • Rich Wilson
  • RobMcCune

    And bad taste, shameless exploitation, cynical manipulation, schadenfreude, passive agressive…

    The list goes on and on.

  • RWlawoffice

     Any attempt by anyone to use this tragedy for any political or other agenda is horrible and should be condemned

  • RobMcCune

    I whole heartedly agree.

  • Kristylyn

    Still you capitalize gwad…..kinda funny

  • Baby_Raptor

    yeah, right. If he was any kind of decent being, if he really did love all his creation like the bible says he does…He wouldn’t let the rebellion of some adults cost innocent children their lives. 

    Loving parents don’t completely ignore huge, damaging, life-damaging or fatal, bad situations in their kids’ lives because their kids might not suck up to them enough. If the christian god does, he’s not a loving parent to his creation. 

  • TerranRich

    Bad theology? It’s pretty damn consistent with the god of the Old Testament.

  • Shaun Yoder

    You’re a sad man.

  • anuran

    Bryan Fischer is just another example how religion and the theory of god make humans mean.

  • Troels Jakobsen

    “God is a gentleman. He won’t intrude.”

  • RWlawoffice

     Actually it is not even close.   If this guy was asked to support this argument with scripture he would not be able to do it.  He is making a political point and that is horrific.

  • Tdreher_1

    Not the kids, that’s just ignorant. But the teachers, yes.

  • Troels Jakobsen

    Yeah, I’m also looking forward to hear them claim how, if just those 0- to 4th-graders had been allowed to carry guns, they could’ve stopped the crazy gunman.

    Maybe this heinous case will be the event that finally leads to a national ban of semi-automatic weapons. If not, then I guess nothing will.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Not really? He followed basic English rules. 

  • Baby_Raptor

    Yup. Heard that before.

  • Jeff P

    It is amazing what a low opinion of God Bryan Fischer and his ilk have.  They must worship not out of respect but out of fear.  Of course they are probably simply projecting their own morality onto their idea of a supreme being.   

  • Rich Wilson

    So, according to Bryan Fischer, we should resume kissing Hank’s ass or else Hank will let someone kill our kids.  Makes perfect sense.

  • Pseudonym

    Exactly. Therefore:

    Hey, Bryan Fischer.

    You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

  • Rohm Vin

    If that is why your god didn’t intercede, then your god is an awful god indeed.

  • Danimal

    Bryan Fischer is completely deranged. If I had all-powerful god powers, I would have saved all those children regardless if I was wanted there or not. Does that make me more ethical than the christian fantasy god?

  • chicago dyke

    bashing in babies’ heads.
    murder and mutilation of those who believe differently. 

    yep. there’s nothing in the buybull that goes along the lines of this sort of horror. nothing, nothing at all. 

  • houndies

    and if he was a real christian, he’d turn the other  cheek and someone could metaphorically punch that one as well.

  • nakedanthropologist

    Well said!

  • Miss_Beara

    A sick and twisted little man. He and Hovind and all of the “if GOD was allowed in schools, then this would never have happened!” ilk need to crawl into a cave a whither away. Their god only protects people, even children, if they get down on their knees and pray every day. 

    This just makes me so angry. 

  • Glasofruix

    You can justify pretty much EVERYTHING with scripture. That’s what you folks have been doing for centuries.

  • Rwlawoffice

     Someone who doesn’t even use the real word for the Bible out of contempt  doesn’t bode well for a real discussion of scripture but I am open to it if you really want to support your contention that what this guy has said is theologically correct and an accurate description of the God of the Bible.

  • Atheist for Peace

    The complete utter lack of compassion and empathy displayed by this vile excuse for a person, and other of his ilk, never ceases to amaze me.  This is one of those days when I wish I was wrong and there really was a hell, just so people like him could burn in it. Fortunately, I am right and so we will have to leave it at public ridicule and disparagement to  give him what he deserves. Pathetic asshole!

  • Guest

    “all due respect…”

    Really? Way too soon for that, and way too soon for anything to be “Fucking Hilarious”

    Show some fucking class.

  • Martin Wagner

    I’m not sure why Christian Taliban types like Fischer think that coming right out and saying that their God is an arrogant raging asshole who won’t even protect children from a gunman unless he’s being kowtowed to his satisfaction is some kind of awesomely appealing selling point for Christianity.

  • TCC

    Precisely. “Theologically correct” is a red herring here.

  • Chopper

    I’m going to be sick…

  • Stev84

     >”According to police, the assailant rammed his car into the church and proceeded to chase the pastor with an electric guitar.”

    He’s right. That’s fucking hilarious

  • Stev84

     It has been “pay your tithing or burn in hell” for ages

  • demetri b.

    I do not often employ this word as a means to describe a person.  Usually, it is evoked to meaningfully describe a trait or a construct
    which is often harmful to its host and to our species as a whole.

    Yet and in this case, I clearly identify Bryan Fischer as a parasite.

  • m6wg4bxw

    What you mean is, “This is too soon for ME. You must do things in My time. No one can have fun until I can have fun.”

    And of course, I lack class because I can find humor in tragedy while also having sympathy for the victims.

  • Coyotenose

     You didn’t show any sympathy, just callousness at someone, probably an old man, being EVENTUALLY beaten to death in what was effectively his home.

  • DCR

    If we grant the first part of his premise–that God exists–I still have problems with the conclusion–that God is not going to go where he is not wanted.Maybe this  guy read a different Bible than I did.  But it seems to me that half of the OT is God sticking his nose in where he isn’t wanted.  Since when did God become a sulking baby who’ll just take his ball and go home?

  • Coyotenose

     That’s funny coming from someone who had to stop visiting this page for a while after he got exposed too many times for playing dishonest word games and assuming the skeptical crowd would fall for it.

    The Bible contains instances of people being murdered and eternally tortured for “turning away from God.” QED. Jeebus you religionists are bad at this.

  • m6wg4bxw

    Thanks a million! I annotated my dictionary, “According to Coyotenose, sympathy requires display. Despite common usage, feeling it isn’t enough to establish it.”

  • chicago dyke

    this is exactly the wrong thread to whine about the need to show “respect” for religion, honey. you’re a troll and normally i ignore people like you, but i’m upset today. your kind are the reason we don’t have sane gun laws in this country. yes, you. 

  • Jordan Olsen

    I emailed all my representatives. 
    Eventually, people will stop talking about the tragedy in CT. Eventually, the grief will start to fade to the background, if only a little. Eventually, the memorials will be cleared away.  Eventually, the cries of the left will start to falter.Eventually, the fears of hunters losing their guns will outweigh the fears of another automatic weapon destroying a community.Eventually things will go back to normal. And eventually, without action, our hearts will be broken again.
    Politicizing a tragedy is one thing; learning from it is quite another. We haven’t been learning from the tragedies of the past. It’s time for Democrats and Republicans to come together and stand up to Big Ammo and their lobbyists. 
    Now is the time to take action.
    Best Regards,
    Jordan OlsenJD Candidate – Univ. of North Dakota

  • Jordan Olsen
  • SteveS

    What an evil, nasty bastard! There are so many families in Connecticut tonight grieving and this fucking idiot has to inject his vitriolic religion into their grief. What a creepy psychopath.
    I don’t wish for his death – what I wish for is a sudden flash of empathy. I wish he should have to feel the loss and pain of all those left to grieve over these destroyed lives. I wish he had to feel the bullets entering those ruined bodies. I wish we had 1 minute of the attention of the people who listen to this anti-human bigot to ask them why they give him a bully pulpit? 

  • MattD


    However, fake or not, theists (those with rigid rules, anyway) will still expect there to be consequences and will enforce them when “Gawd” does nothing.

  • Rwlawoffice

    Not the purpose of my post at all. . But contempt for religion is clearly the point of this post by Hemant and yourself. Today is really not the day for that.

    I don’t know what you mean by “people like you” if you mean Christian, I don’t see the connection with my faith and gun control laws. If you mean conservative then I would disagree with you. Those that defend the right to bear arms are defending a constitutional right. The same constitution that others use to support free speech or separation of church and state.
    But since I have never once expressed my views on gun laws, I frankly do n’t know what you mean.

    For what it is worth, I am upset today as well. I am holding my children a little tighter tonight.

  • Richard Wade

    In the recent past, Brian Fischer has said that superstorms, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, shootings in movie theaters, and several other catastrophic events are all God’s wrath against the gays, the ACLU, and anybody who calls him the lunatic humanoid hemorrhoid that he is.

    Now he says that God won’t go where he’s not wanted. Really? Well, nobody wanted God to come and do things like that, so how come he didn’t just stay away?

    This is why I frequently say that people are attracted to concepts of gods that resemble their own inner character. Fischer’s concept of his god is a lunatic humanoid hemorrhoid who kills innocents just because somebody else doesn’t kiss his ass enough, and also because they don’t kiss Bryan Fischer’s ass too.

    Thank you for the fair warning about what you would do to people if you could, Mr. Fischer. We will be very watchful of you.

  • LesterBallard

    Yeah, the children of all those Canaanite tribes just don’t count, do they?

  • TnkAgn

    With a gun. As Groucho Marx sang in DUCK SOUP, “All God’s chillin’ need guns.”

  • Rwlawoffice

     You give yourself way too much credit.  My absence had nothing at all to do with your arguments.

    As for your second comment, considering that is not what this guy was trying to argue that isn’t really the theological discussion we would be having to determine if God stayed away from this school because prayer was removed by the Supreme Court.

  • observer

    “Is he able [to stop evil], but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.”
    ~  Epicurus

    For the record, God isn’t “unwanted”, he just can’t be officially recognized by the school.

  • PsiCop

    The remarkable part about this is, tomorrow Fischer will still be ranting and raving and spewing his hateful wingnuttery all over the place. He will still have lots of viewers and people will still give money to his organization, the AFA. He will retain credibility and will exert every bit as much influence as he ever has.

    Because all the so-called “good” Christians out there, who claim to be offended by him and as angry about it as anyone else, absolutely will not summon the courage to do whatever it takes — legally, of course! — to face him down, to rebuke him, to correct him, and if he doesn’t relent, shut him and his operation down.

    It can be done, if they want to … mainly by cutting off the stream of donations that funds him and the AFA. But as I said, it won’t happen.

  • Rich Wilson

    And now Mike Huckabee chimes in

  • Zeb Packard

    My local town has a post on facebook where a few of the comments have moved in this direction. I would post a link here, but any comment which defends atheism or states offense at this line of thought has been deleted. Please, feel free to let them know how you feel.

  • cipher

    Because they find the notion of God as arrogant raging asshole attractive – and that is because they are A) adult survivors of child abuse; B) congenital psychopaths.

  • Zeb Packard


  • cipher

    Your God tortures, for all of eternity, billions of his creations for the crime of being as frail and fallible as he created them to be.

    Fischer, odious as he is, is actually less offensive.

  • cipher

    God is not going to go where he is not wanted

    If only his followers would do the same.

  • Rich Wilson

    May God be with us guide us to be better to one another.

    That’s on the town’s OFFICIAL FB page?

  • Rwlawoffice

    If you are referring to the God of the bible then you are incorrect.

  • cipher

    People don’t go to hell for eternity in your obscene theology?

  • NoCrossNoCrescent

     Here is a recap of the stupid things religious right figures have said about this carnage so far:

  • Brian Scott

    Catholic theology is slightly more… “nuanced” than standard Reform :: hack, spit :: doctrine.

    It has its own murky issues and is also ethically odious, but it’s not really the memebot, tyranny apologetics your standard disgusting Jonathan Edwards types adhere to.

  • Alajackd

    Why is it we never had these problems back when prayer was allowed in schools? 

  • Grumpy

    The worst school bombing in US history was the Bath School disaster in which 45 people were killed, including 38 elementary school kids.  That was in 1927, when school prayer was still the rule of the day.   I’m sure you’ll have an explanation for that, Mr. Fischer.  Perhaps another one that blames the victims and fails to address in an adult and rational way the culture of violence, easy access to weapons,  and structural failure to address mental health issues in this nation. 

  • AlaJackd

     In almost every major society in the history of the world since Christianity began, the removal of God signifies the decay of society. Clear is the distinction.

  • Anna

    Robert W. is fundamentalist, though, not Catholic.

  • Octoberfurst

     So if we had prayer in public schools God himself would have come down and stopped the shooter? Does he have any idea how absurd that sounds? And what kind of “loving God” would say to the victims,  “You know, I would have protected you if you had just prayed to me every day. But since you didn’t I’m gonna let that shooter blow your little brains out.”  That makes Fischer’s God a cruel monster.

  • Brian Scott

    I disagree. There are many societies doing well in which institutional Christianity has been greatly de-emphasised. The Nordic countries are the traditional go to. Perhaps you’d offer an example of a society in which declining religiosity and declining social order is correlated? Though I feel we may have different opinions on what constitutes “social decay”.

  • Brian Scott

    Huh, thought he was Catholic. Maybe I’m thinking of another poster.

  • Brian Scott

    “Showing sympathy” could be viewed as a societal obligation, though, regardless of your actual feelings.

    Though I don’t think it’s unclassy in all worlds to find humor in tragedy. Context is king, though.

  • A Reader

    Wtf, Christians? What happened to “God loves all the little kids”? I mean really. If you’re going to view the world through that lens at least say something more “consoling”. Hell, even “everything happens for a reason” would’ve been better. The teachers, administration, community–but especially the families & the children who lost their friends–are already going through so much right now. And you’re going to try to blame THEM?

  • Rich Wilson

    Why is it we never had these problems before diet soda?  Or seat belts?  And why did it take 17 years from the removal of prayer in school to the first school shooting?  And why is it that all those other countries that don’t have school prayer don’t have this problem?

    And why oh why do people insist on coming up with ridiculous stupid meaningless correlations inferring causation that aren’t even correlations?

  • Rich Wilson

    Only when you define ‘decay of society’ on your own terms.  If you define it with things like same sex marriage and abortion, maybe.  If you define it by things like standard of living, crime rate, literacy, life expectancy, then, no.

  • AlaJackd

    Well for starters, the United States. The Roman Empire fell at the hands of homosexual emperors.  Read the Book of Romans. God lowers His hedge of protection among nations who rebel. Paul says the society will become like the one he describes in 2 Timothy 3 — “filled
    with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil; full of envy,
    murder, strife, deceit, malice; they are gossips, slanderers, haters of
    God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to
    parents, without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful…”It’s all there, clear as day. All you have to do is read. It all makes perfect sense. Europe is burning. Most of the major economies are going bankrupt. But of course, like you said, you probably don’t consider these things to be social decay. Governments are becoming hostile and controlling again as if it were pre Nazism days. Arab nations never had Christianity to begin with, and look at them. They’d kill you for being an atheist. They’re some of the most evil people on the face of the planet. Socialism doesn’t work. It never has.

  • Michaelbrice

    “God is not going to go where he is not wanted.”

    So all we need to do is just tell god to ‘fuck off ‘ and he is gone? That works for me.

  • Alexander Ryan

    When you have pricks like him saying shit like this, I think we’d be justified in being a bit of an Unfriendly Atheist to him.

  • Bad_homonym

    Actually, from my reads of the ‘good book’, this is probably the work of god. Maybe those kids made fun of someone’s hair, and there were no bears for god to tap, so he used a gunman. What a douche canoe this guy is! The god of the bible was a way bigger dick than this shooter. Really. That’s saying something isn’t it? How can anyone not be repulsed by these scumbags using this awful event to further their own needs? Oh yeah the blinded masses can!

  • AlaJackd

    Standard of living is going DOWN in the U.S. Not up.

  • Brian Scott

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Roman empire started to fall as the first Christian emperors came about, though the Eastern side of the Empire did well enough until the 12th century.

    While Europe is indeed faring a fiscal crisis, that includes many religious areas such as Greece and Italy, which have had to be bailed out by the less religious countries such as Germany. And once again, Sweden is actually being considered as a model of financial austerity and prudence. Australia, while also feeling the effects from afar, have not been in as much of a crisis mode, despite being very irreligious.
    While Arab nations have definitely seen their heyday come and gone, they did have that heyday during the Islamic golden age before they abandoned Western-style philosophy for Al-Ghazali style anti-rational mysticism.

    So I do still think your analysis is lacking. It may certainly be the case that countries with declining religiosity are in social decline, but that is not universal, nor does it account for decline in places of high religiosity.

  • Bad_homonym

    God wasn’t kicked out. He was never invited. Does this idiot know anything about the secular founding of your nation? He ought to go back to Europe…….oh yeah they are less religious than North America now! I guess he has to keep exploiting tragedy in America to survive.

  • Brian Scott

    One thing I did not mention below is that there are third world countries with very high religiosity, and their standard of living fluctuates. Some have stagnated despite years of high religiosity. Same as the U.S. and other nations, the standard of living has gone up and down over great periods of time, though I do not know if there have been any models including the religiosity of the population along with the economic status during past recessions and such.

  • Rich Wilson

    I’m not aware of any countries with a ‘total absence of God’.  I am aware of a lot of very religious nations in the ‘third’ world, and a lot of relatively secular nations in the ‘first’ world.  The same correlation works for states as well.


    As for the US standard of living, that’s one measure in one country.  And whether or not we have school led prayer, we are a very religious nation.  You’d think all those people praying and attending church would account for something.  So, why IS our standard of living dropping?  And why is it generally lower in more religious states?

  • JohnnieCanuck

    So – every teacher has a gun in every class.
    Then – every attacker knows who the first person is that must be shot.
    Therefore – every teacher must have a loaded gun readily available and be ready to shoot anyone within seconds of their entering the room.

    And still the gun nuts think the solution to too many guns, is more guns.

  • AlaJackd

    The Roman Empire fell at the hands of homosexual emperors during a time in which sexual perversion was at it’s peak. Read Romans, it always happens EXACTLY in that order. The parallels are simply amazing. Europe is on fire. Germany is on the brink of bankruptcy as the presence of God continues to dwindle. Italy has long since given up on God, even with the Vatican being in her midst. The Vaticans Holy presence is the only reason Italy has made it this far. Eastern European countries are JUST becoming modern societies as we see a renewal of Christian values being poured in following their old secularism (Communism). I can go on and on and on… Wherever we look, if we find paganism or secularism, God’s presence and protection is nowhere in sight. Look at Haiti where voodo is practiced. It’s an absolute misery. Asia Minor is largely controlled by secularism and so government is king. And of course, we see the U.S. regressing as evidenced by events such as today.

  • m6wg4bxw

    Yeah, I guess sometimes the artificial appearance of conformity is preferred over any disappointed expectations.

  • Daniel Brown

    “Fischer sees it as nothing more than a political tool to advance his agenda.”

    Unless he’s truly insane and actually believes in a god who would do such a thing. He may very well be the truest “god fearing” Christian you could ask for.

    Either way, this is only acts to further keep myself and any sane person from even WANTING a god like that to exist, let alone worshiping such a god.

  • Hoohoou

    That doesn’t even line up with Christianity in any way. According to the bible, the greatest sin is unbelief. Also, according to the bible, it was while we were still sinners that Christ died for us. So, the greatest mercy ever shown humanity was done while we did not deserve it. All that said, what this man is saying is that he deserved mercy but not 20 innocent children.

    Just a thought on this from a Christian perspective.

  • Ouigui

    Yep, school shootings are *totally* the result of the ghey secks. Thank goodness AlaJackd can show us the path of heterorighteousness.

  • Brian Scott

    The Roman Empire began to decline, at earliest, shortly before Christianization of the empire by Constantine. It coincided with a lot of political turmoil, invasions by foreign forces and internal corruption. End of story. I don’t agree with Gibbons that there’s a causal element between the fall and Christianity, but your hypothesis is totally blown out of the water by the fact that the Roman Empire rose as a pagan republic without Christianity and rose to extreme prominence and prosperity, and fell later on as Christianity become prominent.

    Eastern Europe was converging with Western and Central Europe as they joined the EU, and their growth has also stagnated with the rest of it during this crisis. Also, Estonia, which remains incredibly irreligious, has a very sturdy economy with extreme fiscal prudence.

    So again, I find your analysis lacking and simplistic.

  • Bdole

    Andrew Kehoe, Bath School massacre – 1937. That’s 25 years before we “kicked god out of our schools.” Bigger death toll, too.

  • Adam Patrick

    So God could have prevented it but didn’t? Doesn’t that make God an asshole?

  • Sharon Hypatiia

     “and also because they don’t kiss Bryan Fischer’s ass too”. Well, said.
    When someone says “Why don’t you believe in god?”, my response is  that it is less about believing in god and more that I don’t believe them. I don’t believe they have a clue about god, what he is like or what he wants.
    To them god is just a bully club they keep in their pocket to coerce people into giving them respect, money and obedience they don’t deserve.

  • just reading

  • Anna

    Probably Nordog, Foster, or SJH. They’re all Catholic.

  • roberthughmclean

    Do people really believe in a god fantasy that would behave like this person’s god? Given that god is a fabricated fantasy, why didn’t the goat herders come up with a better one? Perhaps one that works or actually does something? This god thing they all go ga ga over is a failure. A dismal failure. Are they able to try another?

  • Bubba Tarandfeathered

     I’ll have to fix that in my spell checker :)

  • Silo Mowbray

    Bryan Fischer had better stay the fuck away from parents like me. A tire iron is liable to get lodged up his self-righteous asshole.

  • se habla espol


    But contempt for religion is clearly the point of this post by Hemant and yourself. Today is really not the day for that.

    Is there any day which is not the day for contempt of the contemptible?

  • Baby_Raptor

    I guess if by “decay,” you mean “the loss of the god fetishists’ power over the people.” 

    If you mean actual decay, then a simple, unbiased look around the world would prove you wrong. 

  • Baby_Raptor

    Like your side wouldn’t kill us for being Atheists if it could. Or being gay. Or being a not submissive woman. 

    Oh, and Jesus? He was HUGE on socialism. So was the early church. 

  • cipher

    Robert Wilson, aka “rwlawoffice”, is not, I believe, Catholic. He’s your standard issue Texas fundie neocon:

    (If one needed any more illustration of the reason Texas should be allowed – indeed, encouraged – to secede… )

    And people go to hell for eternity in Catholicism as well.  The Church is just a little more willing (albeit grudgingly) to make allowances for non-Christians.

  • G Cowell

    What a vile man. 

  • Rwlawoffice

    Not in the manner or for the reason you stated, so you are wrong.

  • Rwlawoffice

    Not a Catholic but was for a while. Very proud to be a conservative, a Christian and a Texan. A lot of people here would agree with you about Texas seceding. But what is really funny is all the liberals who complain about Texas flock here because our conservative values have created a great state where jobs are plentiful and families can be raised relatively safely. If you are a whacked out extreme liberal you probably would not feel comfortable in most parts of Texas but we would still love you. May not agree with you, but love you nonetheless.

    As far as being a fundamentalist, that is defined many different ways. I am a free grace believer so in some ways this is different from what you may be referring to as fundamentalism. I say all of this knowing you really don’t care because you think you are clever posting my twitter tag here as if I should be ashamed and am trying to be here different than I am everywhere. I am very secure in my beliefs and like I said before, I am not hiding anywhere. But if you try and label someone you really should have more information to do it.

  • cipher

    Oh yes, I know – it’s for being in a state of “rebellion” against our creator, our lawful sovereign.

    It is for PRECISELY the reason I stated, but as you’re genetically programmed for authoritarianism, you’re incapable of seeing it. As I said several months ago – you’re a congenital psychopath. You should have been prohibited by law from passing on your defective DNA.

    It is offensive to me that Hemant and Richard allow you to post your drivel here.

  • phantomreader42

    Believers make their gods in their own image.  So it’s no surprise that Brian Fischer’s god is a lazy, incompetent, narcissistic piece of shit.

  • phantomreader42

     Why is it you death cultists can’t stop lying for five seconds to save your own worthless lives?  Isn’t that imaginary god of yours supposed to have some sort of problem with bearing false witness?

  • cipher

    I say all of this knowing you really don’t care because you think you
    are clever posting my twitter tag here as if I should be ashamed and am
    trying to be here different than I am everywhere. I am very secure in my beliefs and like I said before, I am not hiding anywhere.

    You accused me of this once before. I don’t think I’m being “clever”, and I don’t think you’re trying to hide. I was merely illustrating who you are for someone who might have had a mistaken impression.

    You’re correct about one thing; I do think you should be ashamed.

    If you are a whacked out extreme liberal you probably would not feel
    comfortable in most parts of Texas but we would still love you. May not
    agree with you, but love you nonetheless.

    You’re a liar in addition to being a troll. Your statements here and on Twitter give the lie to your claims, although you’re too brain-dead to realize it.

    Really, you’re one of the most offensive people I’ve come across online in quite a while. You represent everything that is wrong with our civilization – but of course, you think the same of us. Your subculture will be the end of humanity, but as the lights go out, you’ll still be whining about those whom you know to be the real culprits, because your pastor has told you so – the Liberals, the atheists and the gays, aided and abetted by their allies, the godless secular Jews who control the media and the banks.

    It’s about time the regulars here began asking Hemant to ban you. In fact, I’m pretty much insisting upon it.

  • pRinzler

    That article from your link brings up the excellent counter-example of Japan, a culture with little Christianity in it yet far less gun violence than in the US.  How could that be if God abandons those who abandon him?

    These absurdities are just too easily and completely refuted.

  • Diana

    Jesus Christ, how fucking sick can you get?

    Take your fucking political agenda and fuck yourself with it, Fischer.

  • Caladan78

    you are a truley vile and heartless piece of trash fischer. i bet you don’t have the spine to go and tell those grieving parents god didn’t care to interveen in their childs slaughter.

  • Jennifer Lange

     Although I understand your position, I must say that just because something isn’t preferable does not mean that it isn’t real.  I’m not saying that God exists; I’m agnostic and don’t profess to know either way.  I’m just saying that your criteria for not wanting to believe in God is poor.  I’m outraged at Fischer and terribly saddened by what happened, but saying God doesn’t exist because bad things happen is almost as bad as saying that bad things happen because we outrage God.

  • Jennifer Lange

     Explains the Black Plague, fucking Catholics.

  • Jennifer Lange

     Generally speaking, only Christians are allowed to privately exercise their religion at school.

  • Rich Wilson

    I’m aware of one case in which Muslim students where not permitted to interrupt class time to do a full prayer to Mecca several times per day.  Other than that, I would love to see any evidence of preferential treatment of one religion in schools.  I’m not saying it doesn’t happen illegally, but when it does, it should be reported to Americans United, who will be all over it.

  • Jennifer Lange

     Love how I’m a gun nut because it’s obvious that the only way to protect people from mass murderers who have automatic guns is to reinforce the idea that proper training with guns is a good idea, especially for those we expect to protect our children.  That is literally the only way less people would have been harmed in this situation, as well as in many others.  Teachers are usually the first target anyway, but at least teachers in other classrooms would have been able to do something other than huddle in fear with their also unprotected students.  I know this may be a massive shock to you, but people who want guns in order to hurt other people usually succeed at getting them.  Asking teachers to be armed knowledgeably and responsibly is a hell of a lot better way to protect our children than asking each teacher to become a black belt jujitsu.

    Politics of fear work both ways.

  • Baal

     Thanks for the reply.  I’m probably happier than I should be that there is 1 xian speaking out. Saddly, James McGrath doesn’t have the bull horn that Mike Huckabee and a host of other political xians do.  Those seem hell bent on using this hideously tragic even to score points against secularism.

  • Scott

    Let’s put an end to this lying hypocritical NONENSE the “Christians” have been spewing all these years shall we? Everyone knows the famous “Footprints in the sand…” crapola right? You know the one that accidentally argues against free-will whilst showing what a “hero” God is for interfering (against our free-will) with our lives and “carrying” us in our time of need?!? Well which one is Christians? Do we truly have a free will or is it just an illusion? Are we left to our own devices or does God “carry” us at times or help us by answering prayer, etc., etc.? If you are going to say BOTH (as I am sure you will) then why didn’t he forsake being a “gentleman” and in the interest of both caring about the children and taking care of His children (their now grieving parents) and divinely intervene? If he could have why didn’t he? Now in further anticipation of your pathetic justifications let’s set aside and expose another hypocritical LIE the “Christians perpetuate. What is the true “NATURE” of God and more importantly his true “CHARACTER”? Is he the vengeful, angry jealous God of the Old Testament? Or the all-loving, non  judgemental, peace-loving original Hippy Christ? The first one would wipe us all out in a heartbeat and the other says “Hey if you kiss my dads ass you can join me in Heaven forever where we’ll spend FOREVER telling Him how awesome he is! 

  • Lisa Ross


    Twas’ 11 days before Christmas, around 9:38when 20
    beautiful children stormed through heaven’s gate.their smiles were
    contagious, their laughter filled the air.they could hardly believe all the
    beauty they saw there.they were filled with such joy, they didn’t know what
    to say.

    They remembered nothing of what had happened earlier that
    day.”where are we?” asked a little girl, as quiet as a mouse.”this is
    heaven.” declared a small boy. “we’re spending Christmas at God’s
    house.”when what to their wondering eyes did appear,but Jesus, their
    savior, the children gathered near.


    He looked at them and smiled, and they smiled just the
    same.then He opened His arms and He called them by name.and in that
    moment was joy, that only heaven can bringthose children all flew into the
    arms of their Kingand as they lingered in the warmth of His embrace,one
    small girl turned and looked at Jesus’ face.


    And as if He could read all the questions she hadHe
    gently whispered to her, “I’ll take care of mom and dad.”then He looked down
    on earth, the world far belowHe saw all of the hurt, the sorrow, and
    woethen He closed His eyes and He outstretched His hand,”Let My power
    and presence re-enter this land!”


    “May this country be delivered from the hands of
    fools””I’m taking back my nation. I’m taking back my schools!”then He
    and the children stood up without a sound.”come now my children, let me show
    you around.”

    Excitement filled the space, some skipped and some
    ran.all displaying enthusiasm that only a small child can.and i heard
    Him proclaim as He walked out of sight,”in the midst of this darkness, I AM
    STILL THE LIGHT.”Written by Cameo Smith, Mt. Wolf, PA


  • CJoshuaV

    Speaking as a clergyman, I couldn’t think of enough different ways to point out how stupid this is:

  • Bob Birdsong

    Any person of any religion is still permitted to exercise their faith in a public school setting, PROVIDING it doesn’t disrupt the educational process. Praying to yourself, taking your lunch time to “meet at the flagpole,” witnessing on a bus, acknowledging your higher power in a valedictory, none of these are disruptive. Stopping what you are doing and laying out a rug is as disruptive as wearing a T Shirt that says God Hates Fags. What extremists of ALL stripes enjoy is disrupting everything to start a conflict, so they can get noticed and say “See. These atheist teachers are angry and hate us.” One, teachers (such as myself) are just like society in that we are just as likely to be religious as not, Two, we are agents of official power, and not in any way allowed to dictate what is right or wrong spiritually, and Three, we are TEACHING, and that sort of nonsense has no place in my classroom. But I have students praying to themselves all the time, before a test or before a performance, and I wouldn’t dream of interrupting because I don’t hold their beliefs. We are, however, in school to learn, not to persuade each other to the rightness of our spiritual beliefs.