The Church Will Run You Over

It does so much damage to society, yet it never stops to take a look at the destruction left in its wake.

We’re the ones left to clean up their mess.

(via nakedpastor)

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  • observer

    Because extremists don’t like the idea that they maybe wrong about something, especially  if it could lead to harm, they just do…whatever they do in blind faith that it’ll do something positive. They (or perhaps more appropriately, the sheep) don’t really know if what they’re doing will help, they just thoughtlessly assume it will.
    And of course, should their actions cause harm – well the extremist is only following God’s infallible words, so the fault is someone else’s, or God is having a hissy fit.
    And if a positive event does happen, it is of course by God’s will, not those “ebil” atheistic, democratic, liberal, feminist, homosexual, Islamic-Satanists!

    • Annlumax

      Atheist on the same side as Islamic-Satanist? That’s good to know.

      • Coyotenose

         Gosh yer smart.

  • m6wg4bxw

    I like the analogy, but somehow I feel like a more accurate depiction would have it able to drive only in circles.

    • Artor

      How about stuck in reverse, only going backwards?

      • m6wg4bxw

        Ha, right! To all those who looked at that crucifix and saw a hood ornament, you were wrong. In fact, it’s a spoiler.

  • Rube

    I think maybe a cartoon with lots of dead bodies and blood is a poor choice for a post the day after a massacre.

    It’s still very fresh on people’s minds, after all.

    • Hemant Mehta

      My fault. I scheduled it well in advance and was unable to reschedule it before it posted.

    • Tom McCann

       er, why? I don’t think its like Hamant is making fun of the massacre or anything. Should we all stop renting movies with shootings in them? Maybe there’s an argument for that, but not doing it for a day or two, then going back to ‘normal’ seems very silly. Our tolerance of violence is either ok all the time or its not ok at any time. Choose.

    • m6wg4bxw

      I’m with Tom McCann on this. People are dying all day, everyday

  • Brian Scott


    Yeah, really not feeling this particular joke. Just feels flat.

  • Dmarx

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