This Atheist Display Looks Pretty Festive To Me

In Warren, Michigan, this is now the sight near a controversial Nativity display on government property:

Douglas Marshall puts up the FFRF sign in Warren, Michigan (David Angell – Daily Tribune)

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has been fighting the Nativity scene in question for four years. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against FFRF but that didn’t stop the group from applying for and putting up a display of its own:

“It is our hope that one day government spaces will be free from religious — or irreligious — displays, but until then we will do our best to counter these unlawful displays and remind passersby of the ‘real reason for the season’ — the Winter Solstice,” said FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor.

Fighting display with display. It works. If the Christians in question want the atheist sign to come down, all they have to do is agree to keep their own display on private property.

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