Atheist Groups Are Raising Money to Help Families of Newtown Shooting Victims

Atheists Giving Aid is raising money to help cover the costs of the funerals and counseling for the victims of the Newtown massacre and their families (emphasis theirs):

During this time of great tragedy, American Atheists along with the Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostics (SOMA, a SSA affiliate and University of Kansas Student Organization) and We Are Atheism, have decided to come together to raise funds for the children and their families affected by the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The families that have been hurt did not plan for their child’s funeral, no parent does. None of us would have ever thought to have money saved for the great expense of a funeral for any of our children. The money you donate will go directly to the Sandy Hook Elementary families for funeral expenses and counseling for the survivors of the shooting and their families. Now it is your turn to show that there are more of those who love and care for their fellow community members than those who would kill mercilessly.

They’ve already raised over $10,000 but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to what the families need. If you can pitch in, please donate here.

In case you’re curious, I asked Adam Brown of We Are Atheism how they were going to disburse the funds. This is what he told me:

We have a list of the families and people on the ground there that can contact the families. We will give them all forms to fill out to find out their needs and whether they want the money or not. It’s set [aside] for funeral expenses and associated costs. There is also a scholarship fund and memorial fund [being] set up for the rest. We are working with the guy the school board there endorsed as the legitimate fund.

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