An Alternative to the In-Your-Face Atheist Holiday Displays

Over the last few holiday seasons, many readers here have expressed dismay or discomfort with some atheist display posters that have been set up alongside religious holiday displays in city halls and other government buildings that essentially say, “Religion sucks. Grow up.” While many of us might think that sentiment is correct, we can also have other thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that we might want to express to our communities, statements about what we favor rather than what we disfavor.

I’d like to offer this graphic as an alternative. It is positive, affirmative, and I think it reflects values that atheists and humanists can and do support and practice. It doesn’t wish things for people. With caring and respect, it suggests that the reader do three things.

For visually impaired people who visit this site, this is the text:

When the season is dark, bring the light of your reason.
When the season is cold, bring the warmth of your love.
When the season is difficult, bring the ease of your generosity.
And when the season is once again bright, warm, and easy,
Keep bringing your reason, love, and generosity,
For they’re needed year round.

With caring and respect for all people from

(fill in your atheist or humanist organization)

If you like this, please feel free to use it. Just fill in your atheist or humanist organization. I made it with a very old Photoshop application on an aging computer in about 15 minutes, so you might need to rework it. Change the font, the background, whatever — just please keep the positive and affirmative spirit of the message.

Edit: No need to worry about attribution. I’m the author of the text.

It’s too wordy for a billboard and it might even be too wordy for an interior bus ad, but I think it’s suitable for a poster in a public place, perhaps alongside other holiday displays, or a greeting card. It may be too late in the holiday season for much use of it this year, but if people like it, I’ll remind everyone about it early next fall.

Keep each other warm and safe,

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