The Pope: ‘When You Deny God, You Deny Human Dignity’

That must explain all those atheist child-raping scandals we hear so much about…

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  • Holytape

    Human being*

    * not necessary including children, women, homosexuals, or non-catholic entities.

  • jose

    It’s cute when catholics try to claim ownership of virtues. They remind me of bleach advertisement: “my religion is the only one that makes your shirts truly bright!”

  • Tim

    What about all those Gods you deny? Thor etc.

  • Barbara

    Another case of a religious person trying to sound intelligent while holding their god in high esteem. Sorry, not going to happen. Too many of us still have our built-in bullshit detectors functioning properly.

  • Chris O.

    The pope has it exactly backwards. If humanity needs an omnipotent big brother, it has no dignity.

  • James Dominguez

    Nice job making yourself even more irrelevant to real people, Benny. Now drink your milk and go have a fucking nap.

  • Mandy

    What does the Catholic church know about dignity?

  • ortcutt

    If you say that Christianity is a myth, you’re a rude, aggressive, militant monster, but if you say that atheists deny human dignity, countries around the world will treat you as a respected world leader and kiss your feet.

    I won’t hold my breath waiting for any rejoinder from liberal religionists and accommodationist “humanists”.

  • Ruth

    The pope tweets? Does he have an infallible hash tag?

  • Justin Miyundees

    And when you deny human dignity, you’re not covered for collision when you rent a car. A lot of people miss that in the fine print.

  • Andrés Helgi Valgarðsson

    It’s because of the built in reasoning of Christianity. According to it, humanity is a dirty worthless thing, only saved through the grace of God.

    People will be horrified at removing God from the equation if they still accept the other starting principle.

  • Houndentenor

    This from a person who covered up for child rapists and allowed them to go forward and rape more children? What the frack would he know about human dignity?

  • Octoberfurst

    I wonder what the Pope thinks about the crusades, the Inquisition, the church’s sex scandals? Where was the “human dignity” in those acts? I love how religious people can say with a straight face that atheists have no respect for human life & dignity when they are the ones that promote wars, prejudice and misogyny.

  • Cincinatheist

    Because someone has to do it:

    *Warning link is NSFW*

  • phantomreader42

    Yes, because the ex-Nazi who runs the world’s largest child rape syndicate and babbles about the virtue of humility while sitting on a golden throne knows ALL about “human dignity”.

  • Tony D

    But apparently basing a religious narrative around the concept that humans are Fallen, are the authors of sin which has fucked up the cosmos, are unworthy of God’s love and forgiveness, and are destined for eternal torment in Hell unless a Savior redeems us is a GREAT way to defend human dignity!

  • Silo Mowbray

    After reading the Pope’s tweet, I felt I had to consider my response for at least as long as he did for what he wrote. So in reply: “Hey there Your Holiness. Fuck you, you fucking fuck.”

    I think that about covers it.

  • KeithCollyer
  • Barbara

    And, while not as devastating (those poor kids!), don’t forget the money laundering and mob connections. With all the dishonesty and bigotry coming from the Vatican, it’s a wonder the pope still has followers. Damn sheep people need to wake up and smell the deceit.

  • David Philip Norris

    This is the most succinct statement and justification I’ve ever heard from a Christian for how they can be absolute assholes and still sleep at night. “Oh, I SEE! By telling that filthy sinner what the Bible (and therefore God) says about him/her, I’m really defending God and ultimately defending the human dignity that that poor, confused soul has foolishly traded for a few decades of worldly pleasure and eternal damnation! What a good Christian I am!”

    I’d love to hear Betty Bowers’ take on this one.

  • David Philip Norris

    And what exactly does an omnipotent deity need defending from?

  • Rich Wilson

    When you disparage people for their position on God, you deny human dignity.

  • Richard Wade

    When you deny God, you deny human dignity the Pope’s claim to power and wealth. Whoever defends God is defending the human person nothing but their own beliefs, and of course the Pope’s claim to power and wealth.

  • Brian Pansky

    lol “deny god” there they go again with that spooky language that is slippery enough to be interpreted as either very bigoted, or totally irrelevant, but not much in between.

  • Troels Jakobsen

    The Pope’s talent for asinine statements is infallible. His double standards are a wonder to behold. His inability to recognize the history and actions of his own church in his frequent criticisms is beyond reproach. Who can doubt his authority as God’s foremost representative?

  • MD

    I wonder how many people follow the pontifex just for amusement value

  • Avery Dashwood

    This is one of those statements that are supposed to sound profound, but which don’t actually say anything. You could pull out the word “God” and replace it with “Vishnu,” “Zeus,” or “Loch Ness Monster” and it would make no more or less sense.

  • Aspieguy

    More wisdom from the papal chair. Tell me again why elderly, celibate white men get to tell the rest of us about human sexuality?

  • SphericalBunny

    Can anyone link to that letter where the pope was formerly (but NAY!, NAY! morally culpable) in charge of disputes about child rape/priest relocation/settlement type palaver? Might have been my fevered* imagination, but I suspect something along these lines was featured on this site, and I’d love to have a link to hand.

    *Read; drunk. :) Srsly, I’m putting smileys on blog comments.

  • roberthughmclean

    Dear pope Benny, I had a mate in school called Ben, he’s now an Estate Agent and has much more credibility than you, but he can’t speak to god. Do you talk with the same god as the mormon “leaders” do? or is it another specific deity? Don’t you feel a bit silly chatting with yourself and never getting an answer? Do people look at you funny, you know “funny peculiar”? Or, given your current state of decomposition are people just prepared to say “look, he’s way past the post and a bit senile”. With respect for those suffering senility, it would explain your deluded mutterings and silly, illogical behaviour. Merry xmas too…

  • Keulan

    You know what denies human dignity, Pope Palpatine? Protecting pedophile priests.

  • Baby_Raptor

    I wish Twitter allowed enough characters that I could just tweet your statement at him. It’s pretty much the perfect response.