I’m Not Celebrating Christmas and I’m Hungry; Where Can I Eat?

If you’re not celebrating Christmas (or you’re with your family and you’re all just hungry), LifeHacker has a helpful list of restaurant chains that are open for business today! (Keep in mind not all franchises operate the same way, so call your local restaurant to double check before you go.)

And, of course, Chinese food.


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  • fett101

    And every Chinese restauraunt.

  • Baby_Raptor

    McDonalds needs to be avoided. They’re refusing to pay overtime to people coming in today. There’s also been (unconfirmed, though Mickey Ds wouldn’t confirm it if it were true) reports of chains pressuring people to “volunteer” to work today.

  • peekaboo

    Yeah, I could see that being very tough, especially if you’re on the road traveling. If you’re at home, just plan ahead. But if you’re in transit, that would be tough. Good to know that all people of all faiths are being catered to.

  • Leviathan

    This is pretty regional . Most of these places by me are closed since I live in a college area. Everyone’s gone back home.

  • dorothy30

    if that’s the case, then the problem isn’t with the employer, it’s with the local labor laws. On a recognized holiday, overtime rates are mandatory where i live

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=597605006 Mary Driftwood

    I took myself out to breakfast at Denny’s this morning. I hope people will remember to tip their waitstaff well today; most of them probably wish they could be home enjoying the day with family.

  • Erp

    Also the employer as they can always opt to go beyond what local laws require. Note I suspect that overtime laws do not apply to part time workers unless they work a certain minimum (more than 8hrs in a day or more than 40 hrs/week). I note overtime for holidays are not mandatory where I live (California) though my workplace does pay overtime in most cases if you have to work on Christmas (usually skeleton staff except when we had burst pipes from a rare cold snap a few years back).

    Personally I would opt for places where the workers are unlikely to want to be celebrating Christmas or which at least are closing early.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/chidy/ chicago dyke

    not a restaurant, but i just got back from the only grocery store open in town (last minute supplies were needed). it was sad. which is to say, there were two kinds of shoppers there. people like me, buying more whatever to finish off the meal preparations. and really sad and lonely looking guys, mostly older, buying microwave meals or a bottle of booze or both. i’ve read that suicide rates are actually higher during the holidays, and i suppose i can see why. even though i’m an atheist i love the day off and the tradition of gathering with loved ones for a shared meal. i can totally understand how depressing it must be to be sitting in burger king by yourself on xmas day.

  • Houndentenor

    Chinese restaurants are often open. then you can go see a movie. This is what my Jewish friends do on Christmas. Should work for other non-Christians as well.

  • Kengi

    I’m a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas, so my dad and I will be sticking to Chinese food. There’s a nice hibachi grill buffet that opened up in Elk Grove Village that will be getting our business this afternoon.

  • MichaelBrice

    Up here in Calgary, Chinatown will be open – and the restaurants packed, but for hibachi I have to go to a Japanese restaurant. My (Chinese) friend used to own a sushi bar, when I asked him about the cross cultural aspect he said “No problem, white people can’t tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese”

  • Phil

    There’s some independent here in DeKalb that offers free meals on Christmas too. I’m more than happy to not have to go outside – it’s pretty cold out today.

  • systemsready

    My sisters work at a McDonald’s here in the Frozen North…not only were they NOT pressured to volunteer over Thanksgiving (but they worked anyway, because), but they were paid overtime. So I dunno what you’re talking about…