That’s Why He Shows Up in Toast

(Thanks to Jessica for the link!)

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  • machintelligence

    And not just as a baby either.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    He tastes better with cinnamon and melted butter.

  • A3Kr0n

    It’s only a matter of time now before someone at the Wisconsin State Fair starts selling Jesus on a stick. Wrapped in bacon and dipped in chocolate, of course!

  • Glasofruix

    You forgot deep fried

  • Greg G.

    Jesus on a stick, battered and roasted over an open hellfire not good enough for you?

  • Willy Occam

    …or as a cookie:

    (Thanks, Larry David!)

  • roberthughmclean

    And covered in tomato sauce…

  • roberthughmclean

    Don’t the catholics serve up the baby jesus each and every Sunday? I heard they serve up two bits, one you can apparenly drink, out of a mug used by all the others. that’s a wee bit dirty for my taste. I’m told too that they never serve dip.

  • Michael Derousselle

    I thought is went “Holy infant soap, tender and mild”.

  • Michael Derousselle

    Bad for the heart but good for the soul. Yummy!

  • Drakk

    You had me up until “mild”. I prefer stronger flavours in my meat.