Reconciling Your Religious Differences with a Sibling

RISK! is a podcast in which people share stories about their life in front of a live audience (similar to The Moth and certain stories heard on This American Life).

The most recent episode featured a story by Mara Wilson (you might remember her from this).

Here’s the setup: After graduating from high school, Mara became an atheist while her little sister Anna became very religious. At one point, Anna attempted to convince Mara that God existed through the use of Pascal’s Wager and other debunkable claims you might hear in Apologetics 101.

Ok, so they probably didn’t fight over religion this much. But I still like the picture.

It’s a really sweet story and it’s only about ten minutes long. it begins at the 33:30 mark.

(image via Shutterstock)

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  • Spencer

    first Mara Wilson appears in TGWTG videos, and now this. who would’ve thought it so⸮

  • marilove

    My identical twin sister has always been a believer. Then, she went to a shelter/rehab for her addiction. She now works there and lives nearby. And now she’s REALLY religious — it’s now the center of her life, when it wasn’t before.
    I’m an atheist. Even as a child, I didn’t understand or get the whole religious thing.
    I’ve always found it to be interesting that we are so very different in that way (and others), considering the legends and myths of identical twins.
    With all that said, she’s very open-minded and not a bigot, thankfully, but I still find her God Obsession rather odd.

  • Anna

    I didn’t know Mara Wilson was an atheist. I remember her from Matilda. Someone needs to add her to the celebrity atheist list!

  • fargofan

    I remember her from Mrs. Doubtfire…She has a good story, glad she shared it.

  • J-Rex

    Trying to deal with this now with quite a few siblings with diverse beliefs. It turns out to some people, requiring evidence for really strange claims is stuck up and I should really just give these things a chance.
    “Open-minded” means “willing to believe anything that is fun to believe.”
    Specs of dust caught on camera are ghosts because those people on TV have said that these specific kinds of specs are definitely ghosts.
    This is how life is supposed to be lived because the church that I’m attending believes this very strongly and so I’m going to assume that they know better than me.