Study Philosophy With a Professional Teacher for a Bargain Price

Daniel Fincke, who writes the always-edifying blog, Camels With Hammers and whom we have recently welcomed to Patheos is offering small group classes via online video conferencing. If there is sufficient interest he will run any or all of the following courses in 2013:

  • Survey of Ethics
  • Nietzsche
  • Foundations of Ethics
  • Philosophy for Atheists
  • Historical Introduction to Philosophy
  • Practical Ethics

He has put together classes that will be of practical use for many people who visit Friendly Atheist:

I intend to help former religious believers interested in exploring the possibilities for reason-based answers to philosophical questions about the nature of ethics, knowledge, metaphysics, the mind, and the self.

. . .

I want to expose atheists to really practical philosophers who present robust, secular alternatives for thinking deeply about how to be a good person and live a good life. I want to help the average atheist improve his or her grasp of the basics of philosophy so that they are better at cutting through the philosophical smokescreens of religious apologists.

As a friend of Dan’s, I can attest that he is very personable, an excellent teacher, and is sincerely interested in students being able to understand the material. He is an Adjunct Assistant Professor who was voted Teaching Fellow of the Year by the Graduate Student Association at Fordham University.

Not for college credit, these are offered for a very small fraction of the cost for a matriculated class in any of the several colleges and universities where he has taught for many years.

Think of it: No grades to worry about, just learning from a skilled professional philosophy teacher concepts that you can use in interactions with theists, and that can help you to organize and clarify your own thinking. People are signing up for the classes that will begin in mid to late January or in the summer, so if you’re interested visit his site now, and take his survey. Courses will be scheduled to accommodate the schedules and interests of those who fill out the survey.

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