A Handy Guide to Sacramento’s Freethought Groups

If you have a local atheist group, you know that one of the old-school ways of communicating is to put out a newsletter to let members know what you’ve been up to and what the upcoming events are. It takes a lot of work to put together and it’s likely many people just toss the newsletter away (or delete it).

Several of the local atheist groups in Sacramento, California had the bright idea of putting together a joint newsletter (PDF) — since it’s not like a person can only join one group and so that not every group has to make a newsletter of its own. Smart idea and a long time coming.

If nothing else, just check out page seven — it’s a handy list of *all* the local groups along with a key that lets you know if the group is a member of the Sacramento Area Coalition of Reason, when it meets, what kinds of things they do, if contributions to the group are tax deductible, and its Facebook page and website URL.

Every major city with multiple freethought groups should put together something like this — and if someone sends me that information, I’ll post it up here.

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