American Atheists Looking to Hire a Public Relations Director

American Atheists is looking to hire a full-time Director of Public Relations to replace Teresa MacBain (who is leaving on good terms).

All the details of the position are right here (PDF). Outside the general details of the job, the most important thing to note is that you’d have to be willing to relocate to somewhere near AA headquarters in Cranford, New Jersey.

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  • Mikail2

    Why is Teresa leaving?

  • Hemant Mehta

    AA tells me they’ll announce more info on that soon!

  • Bubba Tarandfeathered

    Wait! I thought Sam Harris was our public relations director.

  • Revyoution

    Always with the 4 year degree requirement. I know so many blithering idiots with degrees, and so many bright and talented drop outs who show fantastic potential.

    I’m glad I made my success beyond these standardized walls. Nothing against a good solid education, it can really help out those who need it. I just wish that our modern business would remove it as a ‘minimum requirement’ and instead look at the person applying, rather than their accreditation’s.

  • Rich Wilson

    She announced she’s taking a job with an atheist org in FL. Can’t recall which, but probably looking to be closer to home.

  • Uncle Bobolink

    You will never get the real reason.
    But obviously McBain is a quitter. After all, thats her pattern.

  • Uncle Bobolink

    Instead of just announcing it, they say they will announce it “soon”.

    Thats a sure sign they are trying to get the story straight, or haven’t decided what story to tell.
    Asshat Silverman probably has his hands in this.

  • Syl

    Per a recent email from the organization, Teresa is slated to take on the job of Executive Director of the Florida Humanist Association. This should be a great fit for both her and the organization and, as I see it, has the clear advantage of allowing her to actually live with her family full time… It’s not called “quitting”. It’s career advancement combined with work-life balance! Besides, I’m happy to have her back in FL (just rooting for the home team). :-)

  • Syl

    Correction to the name of the organization – it’s the Humanists of Florida Association.

  • TCC

    The reason has already been stated: She’s taking a job with a humanist group in Florida. But awesome attempt at character assassination there.

  • baal

    Hi Uncle Bobolink! /wave

    You are aware that more than a few of us here have left religion and we rarely consider it ‘quitting’ on the job (or whatever). You might even say that we find offense in the notion that putting aside god belief (or that supernatural safety blanket as I’m wont to do) is ‘quitting’.

  • Brent

    I would agree in an ideal world, but I’d you have 50 resumes (or more) passing your desk, you can’t spend the time to uniquely evaluate each. There needs to be a easy and quick way to determine basic competence in a minute before interviewing further.

    A college degree is also quick evidence that you can actually finish something and that you have some level of discipline.

  • Rich Wilson

    Don’t bother him with facts. He prefers his own reality.

  • leftylewis

    the same is true in the majority of fields…it’s a pay to play system, ruling out self-taught, determined and stubborn genius types….sad, since those are often the most innovative and powerful employees available.

  • chicago dyke

    the problem isn’t the concept of a 4 year post secondary education, it is that there are far too many “diploma mills” out there today with such minimal standards that the degrees “earned” are essentially meaningless. imho our entire system of higher education needs to be reformed and refined, with an emphasis on producing graduates with real-world skills *and* a comprehensive liberal arts background that is well rounded in the arts and sciences.

  • coyotenose

    Pissy AND dishonest. Jesus must be so proud of you.