The Ultimate Service Project for Humanists

Conor Robinson is the director of the Pathfinders Project, a “yearlong international service trip with clean water, education, sustainability, and advocacy projects in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.” He’s looking for four people who may be interested in joining him on this secular mission:

Pathfinders Project has three primary aims

  • To provide humanitarian service and address specific regional needs in the respective countries visited,
  • To foster dialogue across religious, cultural, and ethnic boundaries, and
  • To evaluate and compare countries and partner organizations for consideration as the launch site of the Humanist Service Corps as an ongoing program of Foundation Beyond Belief.

Pathfinders Project represents a rare opportunity — not only the chance to develop yourself and contribute to the communities you visit, but also to shape the Humanist movement as a whole. If this unique opportunity interests you, we welcome your application to be one of four Pathfinders.

If you’re interested in learning more about the project and possibly applying, check out this blog post or the project’s website.

It sounds like an amazing opportunity and I’m excited that Foundation Beyond Belief is playing a role in supporting this project.

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