Sam Harris Responds to Critiques of His Gun Article

After taking a stance in support of guns, Sam Harris has listened to the responses to his article (including Sean Faircloth‘s) and written an FAQ to respond to the most common criticisms he heard:

4. What about the role that guns play in violence against women?

I share Faircloth’s concern about the safety of women. Ironically, the danger that men pose toward women is my primary reason for thinking that guns should be legal and available to responsible adults. As someone who was raised by a single mother, and as the father of little girl, I tend to view all questions of self-defense through the lens of what will enable a woman to protect herself from a man who is bent upon raping and/or killing her.

… I’m not saying that guns are the solution to the problem of domestic violence. Clearly, there is a need for strict laws, good policing, psychological counseling, women’s shelters, and other resources. Above all, women must refuse to stay in abusive relationships. But when all else fails, a gun in the hands of a woman trained to use it is the best solution that civilization has found for the problem of male aggression. Indeed, there are situations in which a gun in the hands of a woman who is untrained can suffice to save her life…

I haven’t had a chance to read/dissect the entire FAQ just yet, but here’s the link to the piece.

Feel free to point out any parts we should seriously consider or critique.

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