An Opportunity for Young Atheists Looking for Public Speaking Experience

The Secular Student Alliance has a new opportunity for smaller and newer affiliates that would like to bring in speakers but don’t necessarily have the funds to do so: The Student Speakers Bureau

The idea is to provide quality, lower-cost speakers (current students or recent alumni) to groups in the same region. There’s no honorarium and the speakers are often willing to sleep on couches instead of in hotel rooms.

It’s also a great opportunity for current students and recent alumni to gain public speaking experience and to get more involved in the movement! It’s a chance to travel within your area, see college campuses, make new friendships, and spread a positive message in the process.

If you’re interested in being on the Student Speakers Bureau, you can apply here — remember, only students or recent alumni!

I’m already on it and I’m really looking forward to where I’ll go this semester 🙂

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