Atheist Billboard Publicity Leads to Dramatic Increase in Attendance at Meetings

Back in December, the Blue Ridge Coalition of Reason (in Virginia) put up four billboards that looked like this:

It wasn’t long before two of the billboards were vandalized:

Dan Casey in the Roanoke Times points out that, instead of discouraging the atheists and turning people away from their cause, the publicity gained through the billboards has resulted in a dramatic increase in group attendance:

Since the billboards went up and the vandalism was publicized, “We’ve gotten 38 new members,” [Southern Virginia Atheists founder Justin] True told me. In other words, the SVA is more than 1,000 percent larger now than it was in September.

Another group, the Secular Humanists of Roanoke, have grown from 81 to 109 members in the past month, [Blue Ridge Coalition of Reason coordinator Paul] Hoyt said.

Huh. No mention anywhere of what the billboards looked like. It’s almost as if that didn’t make a bit of difference. Interesting.

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