Job Openings in the Atheist Movement

The American Humanist Association (based in Washington, D.C.) is looking for a Web Content Manager and a Communications Assistant.

The Secular Student Alliance (based in Columbus, Ohio) is looking for a Development Director.

Deadlines are approaching soon, so check out those listings if you’re interested!

About Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta is the editor of Friendly Atheist, appears on the Atheist Voice channel on YouTube, and co-hosts the uniquely-named Friendly Atheist Podcast. You can read much more about him here.

  • JustSayin

    Sure seems to be a lot of turn over in the upper echelons these day.
    Stalin would have called it a “purge”.

  • 27K

    Full time for $27,000 in D.C. Hope you like ramen and bridges.

  • advancedatheist

    Wait a minute. Atheists have jobs? I thought atheists shunned work and wanted to live as predators or parasites or something.

  • Rich Wilson

    LOL a few job openings = a “purge”? So, when you talk about all the Gulags, is that what comes to mind? A relocation plus health benefits? I think you’re arguing in the wrong direction here!

  • coyotenose

    Is it God that makes you such desperately dishonest? JustWondering.

  • Sarah Moglia

    American Atheists also has a position open for Public Relations Director.

  • godlessveteran

    No, that would be priests.

  • MaggieA

    As one of the employers, I’m happy to clarify the new positions we’re offering at the American Humanist Association. The Communications Assistant is actually a brand new position; AHA is doing great, and so we’re expanding our PR and need additional staff. Our former Web Content Manager is leaving after nearly 6 years with the organization to move to Boston. So I wouldn’t exactly call it a “purge.” :)