Secular Student Alliance has a $250,000 Matching Offer for 2013!

Obviously, one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to give more in 2013 and the Secular Student Alliance is giving you the chance to have your contribution doubled, courtesy of Jeff Hawkins and Janet Strauss pledging a matching offer of $250,000.

Last year, the SSA grew to over 400 affiliates, sent out over 300 packages of tabling supplies, and had more than 280 attendees at their annual conference. Now, they’re going to need your help to continue that growth. At the rate they’re growing, the Secular Student Alliance could very well have over 1000 affiliates by 2015.

Here’s Jeff Hawkins:

Janet and I are extremely impressed with the SSA.  In our opinion the SSA is one of the most important agents in the secular movement and one of the best run organizations.

This is an organization I have worked extensively with over the last couple of years and it’s incredible to see its growth over that time. The people who work for it are as committed to their work as any group of people I’ve ever seen. I can tell you firsthand that your money would be going to an incredible organization. Please donate and become a member here! (Remember that it’s tax deductible, too!)

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