The Trillion Dollar Sermon

Somewhere in America right now, there’s a pastor who thinks he’s come up with the most brilliant sermon idea *ever* and he can’t wait to deliver it this morning.

Richard Beck is anticipating it and he’s beaten them to the punch. The only difference is that Beck’s joking about it while the pastor will be completely serious:

We, as sinners, have wracked up a debt we cannot pay. But God, in God’s great mercy, mints a coin of infinite value. Not a trillion-dollar coin, but a coin of infinite value! This coin is Jesus Christ. And God deposits this Coin in the Treasury of Heaven which can now — because of its infinite value — cover all our sin-debts.

And when that happens, you’re obligated to give your pastor the atheist response: Much like God, the trillion-dollar coin is entirely fictional, has no place in our government discourse, doesn’t actually solve our problems, and FOX News takes it way too literally.

(Thanks to folks on Twitter for their help!)

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