American Atheists Will Provide Childcare at Annual Convention

Over the past few years, there’s been a push to make atheist conventions more worthwhile for families and parents to attend. For their 50th anniversary convention this March in Austin, Texas, American Atheists will be providing childcare options for parents (thanks to the help of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science):

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for [Reason] and Science U.S. (RDFRS) is providing low-cost childcare for infants through 7 years of age. Camp Quest, an educational children’s camp featuring science, natural wonder, and humanist values, will provide a day camp for young people ages 8 through 16.

Amanda Knief, Managing Director said, “With the addition of childcare at our National Convention, we are able to offer families nationwide the flexibility to participate in this special celebration. By providing for their needs, we continue to prove our commitment to true family values.

That’s a wonderful option for parents.

It would be even greater if a donor (or three) could sponsor the entire cost of childcare for parents so that even more of them would be enticed to attend the conference. At the very least, though, lowering the cost eliminates one of the barriers that prevent some people from attending these events, so hats off to RDFRS and AA for making this happen.

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