We’re Just Trying to Proselytize in Peace!

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Matthew graduated Louisiana State University in 2009 with a BA in studio art and a minor in art history. He has been drawing cartoons and comics online for several years.

  • Librepensadora

    Go FFRF!!!!! Most anyone reading this probably knows Dan Barker was an evangelical preacher for 19 years. He has written three books for adults on leaving Christianity and becoming an atheist. Annie Laurie Gaylor, Dan’s co-president, has a journalism degree from UW-Madison and writes clear, concise and lucid prose. From nontracts (some by Annie Laurie; some by Dan) to her anthology of the lives and works of American women freethinkers (No Gods, No Masters: Women Without Superstition) to the scathing and admirable “Time to Leave the Catholic Church” letter published in the New York Times, she writes things students should read in place of the fables being offered by the Bible-thumpers.