God Clears Up the Record

God pops up in the strangest of places… like on this new Tumblr, where He clears up a few misconceptions:

  1. I love the gays. Why do you think I invented the prostate?
  2. I’ve never finished the Bible. But the parts I’ve read are hysterical.
  3. Lucifer was a story I made up to scare the kids. I admit, it got a bit out of control.
  4. Atheists are my favorite. They’re good at math, they write amazing television shows, and they never kill anyone in my name. Keep up the good work, guys!

And there are six more where those came from.

You guys, we’ve been wrong this whole time.

God is actually pretty awesome.

If the Christians had just told us about this side of Him, I would’ve signed up long ago.

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