Foundation Beyond Belief Members Raised $57,450 for Charity Over the Past Three Months

Foundation Beyond Belief just released the results from the Fourth Quarter of 2012. Check out the donations — $57,450 in total given by atheists — to the following organizations:

In the final quarter of 2012, we supported a diverse array of organizations working toward a better world. They mobilized students to improve global community health, empowered women to uplift debilitated societies, established gardening programs to mend the DC environment, offered college preparatory courses to Californian inmates, and lobbied and engaged in direct action to inspire peace in policymaking.

It’s absolutely incredible how much good this organization is doing. I can’t wait to share with you some of the amazing things going on behind-the-scenes that will be made public soon.

If you’d like to see these numbers go up even higher, please join us! You can see a list of our current charities here 🙂

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