This is What a Group’s Newsletter Should Look Like

A year ago, the Metroplex Atheists in Texas sent their members a quarterly newsletter that looked like this:

Not long after that, they enlisted the help of the professional designers at Juicy Creative. They just released their latest newsletter (PDF) and you can see what a difference a redesign makes:

Looks pretty damn nice. (You can see some of the other redesigned newsletters on their website.)

That’s something I would link to on my Facebook page or drop off at local businesses for strangers to see. It’s something to be proud of. If you run a larger local group, this is an option you should consider — the payoff could be well worth it.

(Does this nullify my previous argument that atheist billboards don’t need professional designers? No. The billboards are about obtaining publicity and they do the job no matter what they look like — the message is all that matters. This newsletter isn’t designed to capture the attention of the local news broadcasts. It’s to inform current and prospective members about the group’s events, so the nice design helps tremendously.)

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