Christian Radio Host: Let’s Lose the Culture Wars on Purpose So People Love Us Again!

Christian radio host Julie Roys thinks she’s figured out how to win the Culture Wars: Christians just have to lose.

No, really. Here’s her logic (referencing the Louie Giglio and Hobby Lobby controversies):

Julie Roys

… I wonder if these figurative examples of publicly crucifying Christians just might backfire on liberals. And perhaps we Christians, by losing the culture war, just might win.

After all, liberal activists didn’t gain the upper hand in this fight by offering stellar arguments. Instead, they won by portraying themselves as victims and we Christians as the victimizers

if gay rights and pro-choice activists continue to strip Christians of their rights, this narrative [of liberals being the victims] will become harder to sell. That is, if we Christians refuse to retaliate and instead, turn the other cheek. I’m not saying we retreat from our convictions. In fact, I urge Giglio to affirm that he still holds a biblically orthodox view of homosexuality, which he still has not done…

There’s just one problem with her argument… and it’s a big one.

No one is taking away Christians’ rights. There’s nothing they can’t do now that they were able to do before. (Well, other than discriminating against people they don’t give a damn about.)

This is the Christian Martyr Complex in action: They think it’s sooooooo hard to be a Christian and that their freedoms are being stripped away. They have the audacity to compare their own fake plight to the very real struggle of people who are LGBT.

When there are laws saying that Christians can’t get married, or can’t adopt kids, or can’t visit their loved ones in a hospital, or can’t get a room at a bed-and-breakfast… then maybe I’ll listen when Christians say they have it rough. But not before that.

They’re not the victims. They’re in the majority. They’re like wealthy people complaining about a slight tax hike, or the Prom Queen complaining about having a few split ends. No one feels bad for you.

In fact, the more you suggest you might be victims, the less seriously everyone else takes you. We all know LGBT activists (and their allies) have never been the bullies in this battle. They’ve had to fight with everything they have just to achieve some semblance of equality. The only reason they’re not there yet is because Christians have fought tooth and nail to maintain their power at any cost.

Goliath can’t get away with pretending to be David.

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  • Themsen

    “Didnt win by offering stellar arguments”… i guess she thinks our logical reasons why you cant treat someone like an untermensch based on their sexual preference are more stupid than saying “cos the bible says so!”… Why the hell do these people get to vote?

  • Brian Scott

    Holy shit, this would be the biggest gift to the alphabet soup community and the secular community in one fell swoop if this were done.

  • ortcutt

    Note to the Christian victimhood set:

    Not being invited to an inaugural benediction, something that is an honor and a privilege not a right, doesn’t make you a victim.

    Owning a private company required to pay insurance premiums for its employees that cover contraception that you find immoral, doesn’t make you a victim.

    My thinking that you’re a bigot and a terrible person for demonizing gay people and gay relationships doesn’t make you a victim.

    Being subject to neutral laws of general applicability doesn’t make someone a victim. No one owes you accommodation because of your religion.

    What you are experiencing is “privileged distress”, not victimhood. You’re used to getting whatever you want, whenever you want it. You’re used to automatic respectability and deference, and suddenly someone is saying “No more”. Privileged distress is not the same as victimhood though.

  • TrinainUS

    So very typical. They’re talking strategy and tactics, without the slightest willingness to question whether they’re actually right or not. Of course, that would be against their religion, for so many of them.

  • Randomfactor

    When all else fails and you’re losing, claim “We MEANT to do that.”

  • icecreamassassin

    This. This. This. This. This.

    It’s not about being epistemologically correct; it’s not about being morally good; it’s not about helping others; it’s not about caring about the world.

    It’s about winning the fight.

  • TonySnark

    David and Goliath is an apt example. It’s truly disgusting how Goliath in his intolerance tried to strip David of his right to hurl rocks by putting his head in the way!

  • Octoberfurst

    Their whining is beginning to get to me. I get tired of hearing Christians complain about how they are SOOO persecuted in this country. It’s total nonsense. The reality is that people aren’t taking their BS seriously anymore and their place of privilege in society is being eroded. That’s not persecution! People are just waking up. My heart bleeds that their precious laws against gays and choice are being challenged. Cry me a river! And her solution of just “losing” the battles so people can see how victimized they are & then will rush to join their side is ludicrous. It ain’t gonna happen!

    Oh and one more thing, I really loved her comment about how we liberals don’t have any “stellar arguments” but just rely on “victimhood” to get our way. Yeah you just keep believing that while our logic and reason keep winning out.

  • njbartlett

    Christians: you are not being persecuted. You are merely losing some privileges that you should never have had in the first place. If that feels like persecution… tough!

  • GregFromCos

    liberal activists didn’t gain the upper hand in this fight by offering stellar arguments.

    I must admit I’m somewhat thankful that the right is so sure of their arguments. It is making it exceptionally easy to change minds right now, of conservatives actually willing to engage others. It’s been a good time to enjoy discussions with those you disagree with on the political spectrum. Once you can truly get the conversation to a discussion, it’s like taking candy from a baby.

  • Larry Meredith

    >> (Well, other than discriminating against people they don’t dont a damn about.)
    >> they don’t dont a damn about.
    >> don’t dont a damn

  • Hemant Mehta


  • Thomas Lawson

    Yes, please alert me when a Christian is terrorized and beaten because he’s a Christian, then tied to a fence in the middle of nowhere and left to die. Soon as that happens, I’ll let up on my snarky internet comments.

    (Edit: I should specify that the above cannot be done by another Christian.)

    But I like the idea, just not the sentiment. If you’re a true Christian, then you should be welcoming the degradation of society because it means your celestial boyfriend is coming back to pick teams for eternity. It’s been 2,000 years! Let Him come back! You’ve fought the good fight. I’m sure He has noticed. (Unless you’re scared.)

    But, yes, please. Step back. Let the other side win. Let’s see how marriage and abortion rights destroy civilization. C’mon, just cease fire for five to ten years and witness the destruction! Five to ten years. Find a hobby, then pick up where you left off, if the world is still here. And if it is, then just shut the fuck up and start being nice to people.

  • observer

    “You’ve confused a war on your religion with not always getting everything you want. It’s called being part of a society.” ~ Jon Stewart

  • observer

    Actually, I think it is a matter of being morally right. Or to be more frank, not being the “bad guy.”

  • Carmelita Spats

    How on Mars is a Christian persecuted because a same-sex marriage is performed three states away or down the street? How is a Christian persecuted because a woman decides to use the IUD or birth control pill? How is a Christian (Protestant) persecuted because another Christian (Catholic) teacher in a public school is disallowed from praying the rosary with her second grade class? Can they show that they, personally, have been harmed? If so, how? Cult thinking is just weird.

  • mikespeir

    But…but I don’t wanna crucify ‘em! Do I hafta?

  • dagobarbz

    All y’alls are missing the point. When a Christian bawws that their rights are somehow being constrained, they are correct. They are losing their ability to steer secular society the way they want it to go. They think this control is what god wants, therefore it is their right to try to deny gays and women who do not wish to be brood mares.

    God wants it, therefore it is their right. See?

  • dagobarbz

    When you’re done, we can get ice cream, okay?

  • Antinomian

    Not until after the lions….

  • Noelle

    What she doesn’t understand is that she’s losing her culture war to other Christians.

  • chicago dyke

    the projection in this is… well, breathtaking. and i’ve seen a lot of xtian martyrdom. damn.

  • chicago dyke

    it’s an important fact to talk about the persecution of Christians in other parts of the world, because it does actually happen. China is a good example. there are other places, in the Middle East, also.

    we are fact-based people. let us recognize that a small, probably poor and “insignificant” number of Christians really are persecuted. they milk this fact for miles and miles, as they argue against what we believe.

    we can agree with them that being jailed or beaten for your (lack of) belief is *always* wrong. we’re better than them, and will defend them when all they want to do is destroy us.

    this is how we win.

  • mikespeir

    Oh, boy! Ice cream!

  • Lagerbaer

    YES! Please lose the culture war! That will show us…

  • Fractal Heretic

    This one time, at Bible camp, we had to do this group activity where we each had to write down part of the Bible on a small piece of paper and hide it somewhere on our bodies. Then we split up into groups and spent the whole afternoon hiking through this labyrinth of trails, with the objective of smuggling our collective Bible past the staff members who were playing the part of atheists. They would jump out of the bushes screaming like bandits. According to the rules of the game, we had to stop and allow them to search us. My group was so scared they decided to take a shortcut through the woods, and we damn near got lost a couple of times. At the end, after we all arrived and assembled what was left of our Bible on a table, the leaders explained that this was all a training exercise to prepare us for what it’s going to be like in the future.

  • Edmond

    I love how she suggests Christians should “turn the other cheek”… AS IF SHE THOUGHT OF THAT. Like, “Hey, HERE’S a crazy a tactic that we Christians just might consider making part of our religion!”

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    I have to ask your age at the time.

  • Fractal Heretic

    15, though some of the kids were younger than me.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    That would have fucked with my head, big time.

  • cipher

    After all, liberal activists didn’t gain the upper hand in this fight by offering stellar arguments.

    You mean like the argument that because someone ate a piece of fruit $6,000 or so years ago without permission, we now all deserve to be tortured for all of eternity – that kind of lame argument?

  • cipher

    You know, she has a blog on which she’s posted this, and unlike the IFI, she allows comments:

  • NogahdzNoughmasters

    The picture of the lady…those same vacuous eyes. Is it just my perception, knowing ahead of time that she’s off her rocker or is it possible to identify by looks alone… a funddar. I think it’s time I did an expiriment!

  • eric

    If the counselors are body-searching 15-year olds, I actually hope they sincerely believed their message. The alternative explanation for what they were doing is even more horrible.

  • NogahdzNoughmasters

    I visited her site. I clicked both the “environmentalism” and “evolution” subject groups. Why!?! I…must…resist…urge to spend all day commenting

  • PureoneLanewilcox

    I saw this documentary where this blind guy had the bible memorized during an apocolypse and it seemed sooooo important that it be written down.

  • baal

    ” We all know LGBT activists (and their allies) have never been the bullies in this battle.”

    I’m not sure about ‘never’ but your point still stands and is a strong one. Miscellanious one-offs hardly compare, however.

    “we Christians as the victimizers…”

    Sorry Ms. xtian radio host, you all make it very easy. So easy in fact that we don’t even have to make arguments so much as recite what you say with the context. Most folks will draw the conclusion on their own when presented with what you say.