Atlanta City Council Issues Proclamation in Honor of Charles Darwin

Alex Wan, a member of the City Council in Atlanta, Georgia, has just issued a proclamation in honor of Charles Darwin and his “contribution to modern science”:

Whereas, Atlanta’s teachers and educators at all levels of instruction utilize Darwin’s theory in their science classes to communicate to their students the relatedness of all living things; and,

Whereas, Atlanta’s internationally-recognized colleges and universities are guided by Darwin’s theory in their ongoing quest for better understanding of the origins [of] humans and other species…

The proclamation, like most others on behalf of Darwin Day, doesn’t carry any legal weight, but we live in a country where local governments recognizing the importance of science is worthy of celebration. So here’s to Alex Wan for his — and I can’t believe I have to use this word — courage in issuing this proclamation.

Credit goes to the Atlanta Science Tavern meetup group for making this happen!

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  • A3Kr0n

    I wonder what Ken Ham will think about this. On second thought, no I don’t.

    • Gordon Duffy

      he already has an “opinion piece” about Darwin Day asking people to write to their representatives. You could wonder why he doesn’t just ask them to pray to their heavenly representatives. Perhaps he realises that prayer doesn’t work.

      • Paul Sunstone

        Do you have a link to his piece, please?

        • OverlappingMagisteria

          I assume Gordon is refering to Ken’s recent blog post on Darwin Day, though he has written about it many times. Here it is:

          • Paul Sunstone

            Thanks! That was a rather pathetic article, but I expected no better. When he called evolution a “religion” I had to wonder whether that was a tacit confession that religion is inferior to science as a means of arriving at fact?

            • allein

              In his head, evolution is religion and his religion is science.I skimmed the blog post; I cannot process that level of stupidity in its entirety.

              • Paul Sunstone

                That would certainly seem to explain how he reconciles equating the two. Thanks!

    • Paul Sunstone

      Ken Ham thinks? Why is no one ever told about this?

      • nakedanthropologist

        You’re awesome.

      • GloomCookie613

        Thanks, I needed that laugh today.

  • Santiago

    I like Darwin and all things sciency…really I do (true believer, I swear)…and yet…

  • nakedanthropologist

    Very cool guys!

  • LesterBallard

    You mean Rep. Paul Broun isn’t behind this?

  • Octoberfurst

    Atlanta just honored Charles Darwin? So I assume that sound I hear is the the sound of heads of fundies exploding across Georgia?

    • Paul Sunstone

      I love the sound of exploding fundie heads in the morning.

  • chicago dyke

    i grok why he’s doing it. it’s because businesses and universities and other institutions that could bring wealth and benefit to the citizens of georgia are worried that none of the children there are getting a real education. which does not bode well for things like new business investments in growing fields like technology and health care. nor for GA parents who want their children to go to Harvard. etc.

    it’s a shame that this is even ‘controversial.’ we used to honor thinkers and intellectual leaders in meaningless proclamations all the time; now we’re naming post offices after people like Ken Ham.

  • Anti Iggy

    Good old Darwin, the Victorian elitist who though women were intellectually inferior, that vaccination “weakens the reace, that “savage races” existed, and that his cousin Francis Galton had great ideas about Eugenics.
    He doesn’t deserve a “day”.
    Science does. Not him.

    • baal

      Sigh. Could you find me a priest, pastor, biship or pope from the same time period who wasn’t? Also, I’m not familliar with evidence of your assertions but will grant you them for the time being. I suspect Darwin was very much a man of his times. We’re not honoring those things and yes this is a little bit cherry picking on our part. You, however, are also at best cherry picking or at least subjecting us to an argument that is equally applicable to most from that age.