Atlanta City Council Issues Proclamation in Honor of Charles Darwin

Alex Wan, a member of the City Council in Atlanta, Georgia, has just issued a proclamation in honor of Charles Darwin and his “contribution to modern science”:

Whereas, Atlanta’s teachers and educators at all levels of instruction utilize Darwin’s theory in their science classes to communicate to their students the relatedness of all living things; and,

Whereas, Atlanta’s internationally-recognized colleges and universities are guided by Darwin’s theory in their ongoing quest for better understanding of the origins [of] humans and other species…

The proclamation, like most others on behalf of Darwin Day, doesn’t carry any legal weight, but we live in a country where local governments recognizing the importance of science is worthy of celebration. So here’s to Alex Wan for his — and I can’t believe I have to use this word — courage in issuing this proclamation.

Credit goes to the Atlanta Science Tavern meetup group for making this happen!

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