Check Out This Atheist Hiphop Song Dealing with Religious Immorality

Rapper Ensomniak has just released a digital track called “Morality” and the song is incredible.

Seriously. Listen to it:

Biblical morality/ is fictional/ a fallacy/
If you thought it’s real/ you’re showing symptoms of a malady/
When mentioned it’s so sad to see/ another mental tragedy/
Thinking this book full of brutality/ is reality

I know some believers/ have the best of intentions
And just cherry pick from what each testament mentions
But these messed up editions of ancient lesser conditions

Support people being in oppressive positions
That’s why it’s so strange/ my culture is so addicted
To a book that helped their freedom remain restricted
They’re afflicted to something/ contagious and outrageous
Singing praises to the pages/ that keep ‘em in cages

I’ve listened to it three times while writing this post alone. (Gotta love any song that samples Sam Harris.)

If you like it, too, consider downloading the track for a dollar so this sort of music keeps coming.

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