That Awkward Moment When *Another* Creationist Gets Outwitted by a Sixth Grader

Remember when an 11-year-old boy outwitted Young Earth Creationist Eric Hovind during a debate against atheist (and the boy’s father) Bernie Dehler?

The boy is back.

This time, at a debate that occurred a couple of weeks ago at a church in Oregon between his father and Pastor Nathan Lewis, the boy asked whether the pastor actually believed in Noah’s Ark:

Boy: You believe in Noah’s Ark, right?

Pastor Lewis: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Boy: … So, God told Noah to get all the animals and put them on the Ark, right?

Pastor Lewis: No, not all of them.

Boy: Ok…

Pastor Lewis: Like all the aquatic animals? They just had to swim their way around.


Boy: So then it says in the Bible that… the flood went over the highest mountains in the world. And that includes Mount Everest, right?

Pastor Lewis: Well, I… I don’t know about that…

Boy: Ok, but even if it did, then animals could not breathe because there’s no oxygen up there.

Pastor Lewis: Yeah, you know, uh…. you’re Bernie’s boy, right?


As if the boy were prompted by his father to ask the question instead of by the pastor’s own ignorance…

Pastor Lewis went on to answer that Mount Everest (as we know it) came to its current height after Noah went on his journey. “Everest is relatively young,” he added.

To which the boy responded by saying Mount Everest was formed more than two thousand years ago.

The pastor admitted that, yes, that’s probably true, though you know in his mind, two thousand years isn’t that far off from the right answer.

Actually, Mount Everest is about 60,000,000 years old. If you believe in the story of Noah’s Ark, as written in the Bible, Noah lived several thousand years ago.

The pastor needs to reconsider his theology because he just got humiliated by a sixth grader.

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