Alber Saber’s Appeal Denied, His Whereabouts Unclear

Alber Saber, the Egyptian blogger and activist convicted of blasphemy, has had his appeal denied. Saber was sentenced to three years in prison in December for “contempt of the Muslim and Christian religions.”

What’s unclear as of this moment is Saber’s whereabouts. When last we checked, he had reportedly left Egypt, at which point he gave an interview to Daily News Egypt, which I told you about here. But this report from Egypt Independent, includes the sentence, “Saber attended the court session.” This would obviously indicate that he had not left Egypt, or had returned for the appeal.

The bottom line is, we’re not sure. This article is a translation, and it’s possible that something’s been mixed up, and the “Saber attended the court session” line may have been meant to refer to his original sentencing. So when I know, I’ll update.

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  • Mario Strada

    I hope he is going to apply for asylum someplace. I would think Sweden and other northern European countries may be willing to give him Asylum.

  • NoCrossNoCrescent

    This is worriesome. I hope he did not return for the appeal, assuming he ever left. That would be very unwise.

  • Rich Wilson

    I think he is out of the country.

  • Richard Wade

    Paul, thank you for keeping us updated even when things are ambiguous.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    Where ever he is, I hope he’s safe.

  • Rich Wilson

    Alber is indeed out of the country. He posted this on his FB page in Arabic, and someone there kindly translated:

    “Important statement:

    I was bailed out of prison on Decemeber 17, 2012 for 1000 EGP (~150 USD) .. (something about an escrow and an injunction.. I have no idea what those legal terms mean, and frankly I don’t care.. law is the most boring subject in the universe!).. and I got out of Egypt on January 25, 2013, and I’m in Europe at the moment.. this is my first picture in Europe:
    And this is the reason why I accepted the idea of moving out:
    And I got back to the account that caused all of this Alber Egypte, and I’m working with it now.
    I missed you so much.”