Alabama Teacher Makes Anti-Gay, Racist Comments in Class… and a Student Records the Whole Thing

Bob Grisham, a teacher and head football coach at Lauderdale County High School in Alabama, is under investigation after a student audiotaped him making anti-gay, racist remarks in class:

Grisham: Like those lunches — you get 600-calorie lunches — you know who’s behind that?

(Different voice: Michelle Obama)

Grisham: Fat butt Michelle Obama… and look… look at her. She looks like she weighs 185 or 190. She’s overweight… Big fat gorilla… I’m serious. Y’all, our country is, is, is going in the wrong direction… You better be aware of it.

And people running around like, oh, it’ll get better, it’ll get better. No, it ain’t gon’ get no better…

… Y’all can get pissed off at me or not. You can go tell the principal, you can call the superintendent and tell her. I don’t believe in queers, I don’t like queers. I don’t… I don’t hate them as a person but what they do is wrong. It’s an abomination against God. I don’t like being around queers.

I can’t tell what offends me more: The idea that Michelle Obama is overweight, the racist slur used against her, the anti-gay remarks, or the grammar.

Oh, by the way, Grisham teaches Psychology. So that should make everyone feel better.

Grisham told the TimesDaily on Wednesday afternoon he misspoke. “I misspoke in a debate-type situation,” he said. “I have no hatred toward anyone or any group. People that know my heart, they know that.”

Oh, we know what’s in your heart. It’s “Christian Love.”

When a debate goes on in your classroom, a teacher can (and often should) play Devil’s Advocate… but the things Grisham said went so far beyond that. The school board is currently deciding what action to take. It could fire him. It could also do nothing. We’ll see what they do.

In the meantime, Grisham may want to consider offering a sincere apology for what he said. No doubt he really believes what he said regarding homosexuality, but you better believe someone referencing the “It Gets Better” campaign knows damn well about the bullying gay teens face in high school. Instead of making things better for his students, he only made the situation worse. If he holds those bigoted views, he has no business being around students.

(Thanks to Andy for the link)

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  • Secret Agent Man

    This has given me a great idea. As you know, it has frequently been mentioned that cetain atheist group leaders in Kansas City have repeatedly said viciious things about believers of all kinds.
    We are going to have a person otherwise unknown to them attend and record the meetings.
    I see no rules against that, and then we will give you an update.

  • jdm8

    *IN CLASS*? Talk about zero class.

  • Jasper

    Given the choice between hanging around “queers” and hanging around you, I’ll choose the “queers”

  • Jasper

    Of course, I’d make the same decision in comparison to the ebola virus too.

  • Stev84

    “I misspoke” seems to be becoming the standard nonpology

  • ConradB

    Are they saying these things to a captive audience of public school children?

  • Alexander Ryan

    What’s wrong with a 600 calorie lunch, per say?

  • ggsillars

    Fat? Michelle Obama? He’s not only racist and homophobic, he’s delusional.

  • Ewan

    It screws up your ability to spell in Latin?

  • compl3x

    It’s hard enough to be different at high school; you might get bullied or insulted by your peers, but to know a teacher harbours these types of views would be truly devastating. Especially if he was a teacher you liked.

    “I misspoke in a debate-type situation,”

    Using a word in the wrong context is an example of misspeaking. Confusing a metaphor and an analogy is an example of misspeaking. Spewing racist and homophobic nonsense is not an example of misspeaking.

  • The Vicar

    It’s funny how none of these people ever seem to learn anything from example. They know this sort of thing is objectionable, they know teachers have been reported for it, they know students can record stuff really easily, but they keep doing it. I would regard this as adequate grounds for firing the guy, since he must be incredibly stupid and therefore unfit to be a teacher.

  • Chengis Khan

    There are people who consider over-eating as a means of self-defense – Amendment 2.1.a: Right to bear a big body and massive arm.

  • Chengis Khan

    Absolutely right. It’s like, “I meant what I said, but I did not use proper words.”

  • eric

    Love the irony inherent in “You can go tell the principal, you can call the superintendent and tell her..” followed by “I misspoke.” Add cowardice to the charge of bigotry.

  • b33bl3br0x

    When you record public school teachers saying “viciious [sic] things about believers of all kinds.” in class on school time, then maybe you might have a point.

  • C Peterson

    This shouldn’t even involve the school board. The teacher doesn’t work for the school board. It is the job of the principal/administrator to hire and fire teachers, and in this case, it is the job of the administrator to fire this teacher. Immediately. It is the job of the district superintendent to fire the administrator if she fails to do this. Immediately. And finally, it is the job of the school board to fire the district superintendent if she fails to do this. Immediately.

    Districts like this are so confused in their understanding of accountability that it’s no wonder they can’t operate effectively.

  • runawayuniverse

    I know there are some good people in the South, but every time I hear that kind of accent, I just know the odds are good that I’m not going to like hearing what they have to say.

  • Barbara

    Know how I know there was no black students in that room? Grisham’s still alive. The South sure is tolerate to racist talk. I’d like to see Grisham come to Detroit and try calling a black person a “big fat gorilla.” Justice would be served without need of a judge.

  • Gus Snarp

    Not sure the exact mechanism here, but I remember having football coaches who taught classes as well in high school. They were usually the worst teachers and I always assumed it was basically a budget measure. They didn’t want to ever get rid of the coach, but they needed him to teach a class, so he must have had whatever necessary certification, but got by on the bare minimum and was grossly unqualified to teach that specific field. I assume that’s what’s going on here. He’s clearly not qualified to teach psychology, but someone decided the head football coach was more important to the school than a quality teacher. Does anyone doubt that he’d have been fired already, not just under investigation, if he wasn’t the football coach? Well, maybe if that school district is really that backwards…

  • Pluto Animus

    He says things only a complete asshole would say.

    Yep, he’s a football coach, all right. And a Republican. And a Christian, of course.

  • Gringa123

    I don’t understand how someone that ignorant (of the world and of the English language) is put in a position to teach children. Where does Alabama rank on the scale of education quality in our country? How about obesity? IQ?

  • Conspirator

    My high school had a number of teachers that were also coaches. For many I believe the coaching was secondary. Mine was a typical public school, and our sports programs weren’t big enough to attract known coaches or recruit students from other places. I hope that’s the norm in most places.

  • Guest

    Misspeaking is when you wanted to say beach but bitch came out instead: “I loved my vacation, especially the giant bitches”.

    Saying gays are an abomination is a moral error, not a speaking error.

  • Gringa123

    I live in the south now, and have to agree. Every time I hear someone say “our country is going in the wrong direction” I have to agree, but it’s not for the same reasons as they think. My neighbor said it to me right before the election – she had a Romney sticker on her car.

  • Conspirator

    How can someone like this offer a sincere apology? Any apology from this person is merely an attempt to save his job. He said what he said, it was clear he was not misspeaking or taken out of context. So what if he apologizes? Do you really think he regrets the hateful things, or does he just regret getting caught?

    I’m sick of people thinking they can just apologize and claim to have misspoken when saying crap like this. Just like that football player this week who said a bunch of homophobic stuff. I somehow doubt he had an epiphany and changed his views on homosexuality overnight. Rather after he said it he realize what a big screw up that was. But I’m sure he still feels the same way about gays.

  • blasphemous_Kansan

    Kansas City resident back again. You’re a liar.
    Even if it wasn’t a lie, your point would still be irrelevant since my tax dollars aren’t paying for pissed off atheists to gripe at school children.
    What a nitwit.

  • Pluto Animus

    Call the School Superintendent at:

    (256) 247-3414

  • newavocation

    Unfortunately, getting rid of him or the threat of future firings does not change things much. Maybe we need to establish an anti-bigotry program that the offender needs to attend and complete in order to keep their jobs.

  • McAtheist

    Ewan, that was funny!

  • C Peterson

    “I don’t like queers.” That is not hating the sin, it is hating the sinner. “I don’t hate them as a person” doesn’t really ring true, does it?

  • GloomCookie613

    I hope your work isn’t advertising since you’re selling oranges and describing apples here.

  • M. Elaine

    Which is why I love listening to this guy talk:
    Interview with Atheists in Mississippi – 2:

  • The Captain

    Alabama: Stereotyping itself since 1819.

  • Rich Wilson

    Considering how often you mention, but never give any specifics, you’ll have to understand that a group that is supposed to be skeptical by nature is skeptical. All you seem to do is flail about with extremely vague accusations, not even any names. Even if you don’t have recordings, surely you have names, right? Quit cryin’ wolf and get on with it if you really think you have something important to tell us.

  • Arthur Byrne

    Teachers retain due process rights. He should be suspended immediately, given a hearing, and THEN fired.

  • Randomfactor

    But I’ll bet you at least one of the students was gay.

  • Richard Wade

    The school board… could fire him. It could also do nothing. We’ll see what they do.

    I scrolled up to see what state this high school is in. Alabama. My money is on they’ll do nothing.

  • HarryTHummingbird

    Hey, don’t forget he also violated the Establishment Clause with his comments if made in his official capacity.

  • HarryTHummingbird

    Could you speak a little Loudermill? I can’t hear you. ;)

  • rlrose328

    Well… he can hold those bigoted views (though I think it’s horrible)… his mistake was verbalizing them in a classroom. I’m sure there are thousands of teachers who hold views parents and the public in general would be appalled to know about, but as long as they keep those views to themselves in the classroom, no harm, no foul.
    I do hope he gets fired for this, though.

  • Antinomian

    Below whale shit and astride Mississippi.

  • Ronlawhouston

    Oh, come on folks! Where’s the damn compassion? What’s wrong with you guys?

    Clearly, the man has suffered a few too many traumatic blows to the head.

  • Wild Rumpus

    OK you big talker. DO IT! We dare you to record them. Double dog dare you. Go and record them talking racist, homophobic, mysogynist bullshit to children. Go now!.. Are you still here? Yeah I thought so pfffffft. Secret Agent Man , talk minus action equals zero and you’re a zero.

  • C Peterson

    Teachers are subject to whatever the district policy is, which may or may not include things like suspensions and reviews. Every district is different. At my school, the administrator can fire a teacher without first suspending him, and there is no involvement by either the district superintendent or the school board.

    Of course, teachers are subject to the same laws as anybody else when it comes to unfair labor practices.

  • Vini Marques

    “You can tell the principal”. Well, how about the ENTIRE INTERNET?

  • Bob Becker

    I confess to being relieved that the coach teaches psychology on the side, not history.

  • HarryTHummingbird

    As a matter of constitutional law, a district may not fire a tenured teacher without, at a minimum, a pre-termination hearing and some sort of evidentiary hearing post-termination.

    It may be that your district does not have tenured teachers, though.

  • Bonnie

    Please don’t pretend like his grammar and bigotry are equally appalling. Some of us use “ain’t”, “y’all”, and the occasional double negative without being racist homophobes. Considering how linguistic predudice is often used to justify classism and racism, you’d think someone concerned with social justice would be more careful.

  • C Peterson

    Are you talking about Tennessee? What federal laws cover teacher employment?

  • Carpinions

    And when conservatives get all frothy-mouthed over public school teachers, it’s always over public employees’ ties to unions, collective bargaining, etc. and never about publicly-paid cretins like this a-hole who obviously harbors negative feelings about subgroups even though he claims he doesn’t, teaching kids. “People that know my heart”? Automatic evidence you’re a hyper-Christian conservative Protestant. Michelle Obama looks overweight to the tune of 185-190? Now he’s a racist cretin that needs an eye exam. But I guess tall black women are especially threatening to him. How does one “misspeak” “I don’t like being around queers” or “gorilla” in reference to a black person?

    But his statements are only the soft surface of a really thick skull. Now I’m oh so curious what and how this idiot teaches Psych (homosexuality a “mental illness” and can be cured with “counseling”?), and particularly if he sneaks faithy dog whistles into every topic.

  • HarryTHummingbird

    I’m talking the United States Constitution. Specifically, I’m talking the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Cleveland Bd. of Educ. v. Loudermill.

  • Rich Wilson

    But does that require tenure to be applicable? I would have thought contract law.

  • HarryTHummingbird

    For Loudermill to apply, you have to have a property interest in your job. Whether that property interest comes from a statutory tenure provision, the tenure provisions of a CBA, or from an individual contract with the government employer doesn’t really matter as far as I know.

    State contract law doesn’t really protect state employees that much, depending on the state’s own interpretation of sovereign immunity. See what happened to Mike Leach for an example.

  • Written by an American


    Your comment disgusts me as much as Grisham’s. Please, don’t use the word justice when you really mean injustice.

  • Pepe

    And they all use the “It’s not what is in my heart.” line later. That Culliver guy (49ers) said the same thing in his ‘apology’. What do they think we are? Stupid?

  • Tjc

    Wow! To teach this to students, (his ignorant opinon) that’s called education? Bigotry , bullying, using the word hate’ .in his uneducated sentences with all the double negatives running together..and Michelle Obama fat? Saying horrible things, then, to add ‘god don’t like it, so of course he wants to be godlike, since he’s a ‘Christian, ..give me a fr**ng break! Fire the redneck ignorant ass hole.. Then, he can go on welfare while cleaning all his guns, I’m sure he had to stock up on, one reason why he hates obamas…hillbilly mentality.

  • Mario Strada

    I think what’s in his hearth is precisely what he said when he was audiotaped. I think he should embrace who he is: a bigoted, opinionated, ignorant person.

    I would have more respect for him if he actually stood by his convictions instead of folding as soon as his bigoted views were exposed.

    “I misspoke” is the lamest excuse and following with “People know my hearth” is the biggest cop out after “Some of my friends are gay”.

  • Mario Strada

    It’s like “My mastery of poorly veiled allusions is still not where it should be”

  • CJ

    I’m surprised he did end with “Roll Tide”.

  • Mario Strada

    I know, I think she looks great and she has more class than the rest of congress put together. I think conservatism gives you skewed body image like Bulimia and anorexia, only in regard to other people’s body, especially if they are black and powerful.

  • CJ

    Oops, I meant “didn’t”.

  • C. Sosa

    “If he holds those bigoted views, he has no business being around students.” Could not agree more.

  • Mario Strada

    I agree. Often I am more offended by the stupidity of these people than by what they say. We all know these people are around. It’s sad but beside waiting for them either to catch up or die off there is little we can do beside shaming them. Asking for their apology is just an assurance that they will lie to use to save their jobs, contracts, etc.

    What I can’t stand is how absolutely stupid people like these are. I think their stupidity tells them that he is such a great guy speaking the god given truth that no one would dare disagree with him. Apparently someone did.

    Kudos to the student that uploaded this bigot’s rant.

  • coyotenose

    Sometimes it’s the other way around, and a teacher will have to also coach in order to keep their job or earn enough to eat. It’s so fucked up.

  • coyotenose

    Jesus but you’re bad at lying. Must be your superior morality kicking in.

  • coyotenose

    But sadly, not enough to the groin.

  • Tjc

    the word ‘ hate, isn’t supposed to used in rules.. Plus bullying is the big no- no in public schools these days.. He’s a psychologist with no open mind or will to hold things in, before he analyzes his thoughts.. Yea, unsophisticated , backwoods education…using god, religion to back up his bigotry, that’s what a redneck, republican from Bible Belt state..talks out of his ass, and a REACTIONARY idiot…to teach his’ opinions is a crime..STICK WITH THE CURICULUM!

  • blackbeltatheist

    Sigh. You’re so right. Sometimes I feel like I can’t tell people that I’m from Alabama without feeling ashamed. As an atheist teacher from the same area of the state as this yahoo, I can at least tell you that we’re not all hillbillies.

  • blackbeltatheist

    As an atheist Alabama fan, I would have found that even less palatable.

  • pagansister

    I hope someone fires his sorry ass! Whoever is “in charge” needs to just do it. I sincerely hope he is at least suspended for the moment. He misspoke? Seriously anyone believes that?

  • pagansister

    Not very high, though I did go to school there from 7th grade thru college. My sister and her family still live there, and if you go to the right schools, you will get a good education. Her daughters did fine, but they attended high quality public schools. (and colleges). Have lived in 5 other states since then–which was 40 years or so ago. However, country there is still country.

  • pagansister

    When I was in HS, in Alabama, my history teacher was also the football coach! Amazing—I did OK in the class but often wondered why a football coach was teaching the class. Did he get paid more to do both? Pay was lousy, I’m sure.

  • pagansister

    War Eagle!

  • Helanna

    “I meant what I said, I just didn’t realize anyone was *listening*. I misspoke because if I had realized that, I would have spoken more quietly.”

  • Sue Blue

    The problem with apologies from this guy is that, even if he “apologizes” for what he said, he still holds those bigoted, offensive views. One can’t really apologize for nasty beliefs unless one acknowledges that they ARE nasty, and demonstrably tries to change them. He’s just dissembling to try to save his job.
    I seriously doubt that, however much he claims to be sorry for airing his bigotry in class, he will change his views. Unless he’s fired, he’ll just be more circumspect about his audience…or he’ll double-down on his dumb and scream “religious persecution” just as loud as he can.
    I can’t imagine the emotional trauma of being a gay or black student in this man’s class. The families of such students should sue right now.

  • kaydenpat

    Will be interesting to see what happens to him in terms of disciplinary action. Good for the student who recorded this.

  • Erika Hernandez

    This totally breaks my heart, debate or not the words he used spell nothing but hate. Mr. Girsham is suppose to be a mentor to his students, this is just one time that he has been caught-who knows how many other times he’s abused his role to be hateful and ignorant. I hope the school district makes the right choice.

  • RobMcCune

    Right, his intent was to give the wider world the illusion that his opposition to Obama isn’t racist, and that his opposition to gay rights is about definitions in the dictionary. He would have phrased it differently in front of a non-bigoted, non-captive audience.

  • Benny Cemoli

    Well, golly. . Another bigot for Christ. What a surprise.

    My question Mr. Grisham is, “do you let them use your bathroom?”

    LOL :-P

  • James Robinson

    GLBT activists call for dismissal of Lauderdale Co. coach

  • RobMcCune

    He’s an over-the-hill, underpaid, slightly overweight, bald, middle aged man, because he’s such a catch he expects the world to be full of rail thin, light skinned women.

  • RobMcCune

    For a lesson to sink in one must think before they act.

  • Rich Wilson

    Internet winning comment:

    I don’t believe in racist homophobic football coaches. I don’t like racist homophobic football coaches. I don’t hate them as a person but what they do is wrong. It’s an abomination against humanity. I don’t like being around racist homophobic football coaches.

    –Teresa Bennett Tolbert

  • JohnnieCanuck

    An eggcorn! I would have missed it if you hadn’t pointed it out. Thanks.

  • JohnnieCanuck

    I’m waiting to hear if they decided to solve their problem by suspending the student who recorded and published this. It’s been done elsewhere, if I recall correctly.

    His notpology gives no indication that he has had a major change in attitude. I conclude that it is a lie. The only thing he regrets is getting caught. The only change I expect will be for him to try harder not to get caught again.

  • RobMcCune

    You’ll probably be disappointed, christians get their rage boiling when they see the existence of people outside their narrow little world. You get less of that with atheists.

  • The Captain

    Applebees have released a statement saying they have already fired the student.

  • Carmelita Spats

    I am an atheist and a teacher in your American Bible Belt. I have NEVER expressed my views about Christ-insanity to my Fundamngelical colleagues or to a captive audience of MINORS. Mr. Grisham’s tirade is UNETHICAL, UNPROFESSIONAL and just plain creepy.

    Furthermore, as a teacher, he is EVALUATED under several domains. One of those domains is labeled PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION. The reason Mr. Grisham’s colon exploded all over the PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION domain is because of an entitlement mentality that goes hand-in-hand with the insufferable Christian privilege delusion.

    Mr. Grisham doesn’t feel that professional ethics set by the state and the school district under PDAS apply to him when they collide with his abusive Christoholism. I’ve seen the exact same contempt for professional standards and ethics from Christian “counselors” who run the “crisis pregnancy centers” and refuse to be licensed by the state because they DO NOT want to be subjected to the ETHICAL standards set by REAL mental health professionals and their organizations.

    The persecution complex will kick in and Mr. Grisham will end up mumbling about how he has to obey “god” and not “man’s laws” as per the virgin carpenter, “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” (Matthew 5:11-13).

  • Joe Zamecki

    He teaches psychology?? Then he needs to be removed from that! That wasn’t playing Devil’s Advocate, that was a message from his true feelings. Psychology??

  • Selene777

    Allow me to preface this by saying my partner comes from Alabama, and we’re both queer atheists (I’m lesbian identified, Male-to-Female transgender woman and she is a cisgender pansexual). She’s lived there all of her life until moving here to my home state, and tells me that this sort of behavior is all too common amongst the citizenry of the “Great” state of Alabama. When I was still in the closet, we once went to visit for X-mas, and the entire time I was there I just felt this oppressive sense that I was completely unwelcome. I was quiet and respectful about my beliefs, but even the slightest dissent from the community’s accepted standard was met with such errant hostility that I simply wanted to leave and never return unless dragged there in chains.

  • Edmond


  • wmdkitty

    Can’t forget the good old Freudian slip! You say one thing, but you mean your mother…

  • abb3w

    No, due to the Cleve-land on my voice box. =P

    //too lazy to sign back in

  • TiltedHorizon

    How does one jump from “600-calorie lunches” to “queers”? Makes me wonder if this was a rant looking for an opportunity to vent.

    Random Person: “Hi. It’s a nice day.”
    Bob Grisham: “Yes it is, despite going in the wrong direction. Things won’t get better until… gorilla… abomination… I don’t like queers”

    Random Person: “Excuse me. Do you know the time?”
    Bob Grisham: “Yes I do. It is time for change! Things won’t get better until… gorilla… abomination… I don’t like queers”

    I wish Bob much success at his next job, a Night Security Guard, where the only company he will have to keep is also the only company he can tolerate; himself.

  • Agni Ashwin

    I’m sorry to hear about this. I really liked his novels, especially “The Firm”.

  • JohnnieCanuck

    At least one of us is confused. I think you have your threads crossed.

    The YouTube poster in the link above claimed that the student is facing disciplinary action, but that’s all I’ve seen about it.

  • amycas

    You forgot to mention the fat-shaming and his judging her based on her looks (you already mentioned the race part). Seriously, even if she were over-weight, why should that make a difference for her campaign?

  • stacie belue

    You people don’t even know this coach! So are you people to judge? Know the facts also! Support Bob Grisham 100%

  • Anon

    Don’t worry Mr. Grisham, the queers don’t like or believe in you either.

  • dandaman

    I taught Biology in Baltimore City and I have advanced degrees in biology and geology. One day they asked how I managed to stay so trim, i said I jogged and walked a great deal….bingo, I’m track coach. Detracted from my teaching and job satisfaction majorly and there was no extra pay, it was in the contract that they could do this.

  • Confuscan

    Could this idiot have nailed anymore “good old boy” Southern stereotypes?

  • The Captain

    It’s called a “joke”.

  • OaklandAs

    I accidentally mispronounced several hundred words in a row. What a clown. You didn’t misspeak you freak! You actually believe the shit you shovel!

  • rustygh

    In no way would the religious ever see the hate they produce! Bizarre!
    This man should be removed from any school.

  • allein

    My HS psych teacher (who also taught anthropology and other social science stuff) was also the boys’ soccer coach. He was actually good at both. (He was that teacher that the kids loved and the administration hated. I never dealt with him as a coach, not being a boy or a soccer player, but he was a good teacher.)

  • coyotenose


    *giggles stupidly*

  • coyotenose

    Being a Where The Wild Things Are fan myself, I can’t help but imagine your comment being read aloud by Max (the WILD Max, not the one from that navel-gazing movie), complete with overexaggerated gestures. It makes me smile.

  • coyotenose

    Good job displaying that you aren’t familiar with the issue, the arguments, or even HOW to argue, but are nonetheless coming out publicly as defending a man whose behavior gets children abused, raped and murdered for being different. I’m sure Jesus is proud or something.

  • coyotenose

    I don’t think he mentioned hunting, Al Gore or Amurika?

  • ecolt

    600 calorie lunches? Well, if you eat three meals a day, each at 600 calories, that adds up to 1800. Add in a snack and you’re at about 2000. What’s the average recommended caloric intake again?

  • Seamus Casey


  • Seamus Casey


  • Seamus Casey


  • cipher

    It’s an abomination against God.

    Apparently, however, he has no problem with crimes against the English language.

  • 3lemenope

    I almost lost my keyboard to a beverage.

  • concerned

    what does it, as this point, matter? seemed to work for the liberals, maybe it will work for a conservative

  • JustSayin’

    Please explain to us how this is equivalent to the behavior of anyone on the left. We need concrete examples. Otherwise, I’m inclined to think you’re just a conservative crank who’s desperately trying to create a false equivalence.

  • maevwen

    video was taking down by youtube

  • maevwen

    i mean, taken. :o

  • arensb

    I believe this is now the official Republican strategy: apparently the reason behind their recent setbacks (like gay marriage advancing in four states in November) was not their anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-non-white, anti-non-rich policies, but the way that these policies were articulated.

  • coyotenose

    I know it’s been days, but I was just reminded of something I saw once on television. A preacher, speaking ON LIVE TELEVISION, meant to say “love their brothers” but what came out was “fuck their mothers”. I really wish I had a clip of that.

  • Zach Howell

    I am gay and I went to a school in this county about 30 minutes from this one. This isn’t a college, those children do not choose to be in his class. The parents don’t even have a choice. This is a poor rural area. Parents should be able to trust these educators to NOT cross the line. What if the parents have the same opinion? These children need a safe zone to grow, be themselves and know that who they are is special. Obviously at least one brave student was bothered enough to record a conversation this teacher has probably had many times over his tenure. I can personally remember things in my high school experience very similar to this. I felt extremely alone, like I was sick, was disgusted by myself because between parents, church, and teachers I had no one to talk to about what I was going through and feeling. I could have easily been one of those lonely kids who killed himself because I was disgusting to everyone and I truly thought no one would ever want to be around the real me.

  • unknown user

    I must say that what he said about Michelle Obama may not be completely false. she has cut down on school lunches, and she is no skinny model herself. she has a little fat around the waist. she is a complete hypocrite that is trying to replace Oprah. She thinks she knows everything, but doesn’t. Second, yes it was wrong of him to say though. so i stand on both sides of this story. I do however strongly oppose homosexuality by all means. The way i vote should be obvious. republicans ticket.

  • Sam Wolff

    I don’t think what he said was said in the right way, but who is responsible
    for the AIDS crisis anyway ? Why is it that people like you never own up to that ?

  • Sam Wolff


  • 3lemenope

    Ronald Reagan?

  • 3lemenope

    Say what you will about C Peterson, but I find it hard to imagine he marches around everywhere with a bundle of wooden sticks in his hand.