Atheist Rapper Ensomniak’s Latest Song: ‘He’s Coming Back’

I’ve been waiting a long time for rapper Ensomniak to come out with a new song. (Like, at least a week.)

But he just released a new digital track called “He’s Coming Back” and the song is just as amazing as his first one.

The title refers to how Christians talk about Jesus… but the lyrics suggest otherwise:

Every kick drum/ snare and high hat
Will be used against those who choose to deny facts
I defy that/ social norm/ my mind won’t believe
I’d rather die on my feet/ than live on my knees
The quotes don’t agree/ back on the main topic
Why base your life on words of a lame prophet
With insane concepts/ about the end of days
Where you at?/ it’s been millennia since you went away
(He’s coming back)

Ain’t you tired of the same refrain
They might switch the picture but don’t change the frame
About 2000 years the claim’s remained
Part of how they maintain the chains
(He’s coming back)

The man is two for two.

If you like his music, please consider downloading the track for a dollar and show your support for what he does!

About Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta is the editor of Friendly Atheist, appears on the Atheist Voice channel on YouTube, and co-hosts the uniquely-named Friendly Atheist Podcast. You can read much more about him here.

  • J_M_Green

    Thanks for putting this up Hemant! Religion needs to be undermined from every angle and music is one of the tools we have to get the job done.

  • chicago dyke

    it is so very, very important for black people and others who love HH culture to hear this stuff. yall may not understand: black people and belief are a real problem, in so many ways. i say this as a black person. far, far too many black folk are being told “jeebus loves you, so discrimination and lack of opportunity are OK, you can just pray them away. also, give the preacher money and beat down on a black queer person, to make yourself feel better because you can’t do that with your white boss.”

    eddie. m’f*cking. long. that is all i have to say.

    this artist obviously agrees. and i am glad.

  • Tom in Raleigh

    If he was a better rapper I might be down with this. Lame production, sophomoric rhymes. *yawn*

  • busterggi

    Its no “He’ll be back for Solstice.”

  • Steven Sword

    Not bad, but he’s no Greydon Square.

  • Elly Pemberton

    Thank youuuu! I had high hopes with Ensomniak’s rap and they were dashed–musically it’s just not that entertaining. This guy is good stuff.

  • Adam Collins

    Haters gonna hate. You hated on his other song and now this. Do you hate on the kids who won’t stay off your goddamn lawn too? Perhaps you could entertain us with superior, unsophomoric lyrics. Let’s see what you you got, Tom. We’re all ears. Or just keep hating on people with real talent. It’s far more productive than providing substance.

  • Tom in Raleigh

    Oh please. It’s just not that good. It feels forced to me. I don’t have to be able to rap to know that it’s simply passable, at best.

    As for those darned kids…if the ball goes on my lawn…it’s mine. :)

  • Adam Collins

    How about an example of better lyrics? If you’re not only about hate, you could surely provide an artist with lyrics that have lived up to your standards.

  • Tom in Raleigh

    Lol! Better yet, why don’t you go listen to some rap and come back to this discussion when you have a frame of reference other than “he’s singing about atheism”.

  • Adam Collins

    Ok, I just got done listening to some rap, and am now qualified to participate in this discussion. His subject matter is atheism, but that’s not what makes it good. For example, look up Charlie Check’m for atheist rap that is absolutely abysmal. Since you haven’t cited a single example of superior lyricism, I’m declaring victory. Your motive for hate is unclear, but the hate is there. If you get bored, don’t worry, he’s releasing another song soon that you can look forward to unjustifiably hate on. It’ll be posted on here, the most popular atheist blog on the planet, along with all the examples you presented of superior lyricists. :-)

  • Drew M.

    I gotta agree with Tom here. He is not good.

  • Tom in Raleigh

    Sigh. You are nearly as laughable as this song Mr Victory. You have truly schooled me.

  • Tom in Raleigh

    Thanks Drew. The guy should get an A for effort, but it is not a great song.

  • Adam Collins

    I suppose it’s all subjective, and haters will inevitably hate. Personally, I appreciate his talent and look forward to future releases. If you’d prefer to sit back and hate on someone who is getting well deserved exposure, then have at it. But he’s impressed Hemant, and many others, so he must be doing something right.

  • Blacksheep

    Qucik question – I just listened to it too, and based purely on it’s musical merits, it’s not really a good song. The question is:

    Why is not liking something classified as “Hating” by you, and someone who simply doesn’t agree with you is a “hater.”?

  • Blacksheep

    (Sorry for the typos, writing in a taxi)

  • Drew M.

    That isn’t hating. I did not call him an idiot or you an idiot for liking him. I simply stated that he is not good and in my opinion that is true. It’s understandable to get a little butthurt when people don’t like the same thing you do, but try and remember that it isn’t personal.

    To paraphrase Eddie Murphy, when you’re starving, even a saltine is delicious. Yes, he’s absofuckinglutely brilliant compared to other atheist rappers. But compared to rappers in general, he is fair at best.

  • Drew M.

    “Why is not liking something classified as “Hating” by you, and someone who simply doesn’t agree with you is a “hater.”?”

    That’s a damned fine question, Blacksheep.

  • Adam Collins

    All right then. This is all a matter of subjectivity. All I was asking for is an example of better lyricism. None has been provided. I haven’t said anything to discourage your hate, just an explanation why. I realize that it’s not going to come through though, so I’ll bow out. I understand that I’ll probably be taunted for this, but I don’t engage in arguments that don’t either teach me something, or allow me to teach others. In matters of opinion and subjectivity, there’s no “winning” based on facts. You guys go ahead and continue to hate. That’s fine. I just happen to appreciate his lyrics and am looking forward to more.

  • Drew M.

    That’s probably for the best. After all, you still don’t understand what the word, “hate,” means. It’d likely be a waste of time.

  • Adam Collins

    What does “hate” mean? How am I using it incorrectly? “Hate” doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. I hate on religion all day long. I hate on country music. You guys are hating on this song. Do you think I’m trying to be derogatory by pointing out the facts?

  • Drew M.

    It’s not derogatory, but you are implying a level of emotional investment that doesn’t exist. Perhaps your dislike of religion and country music stems from genuine fear or anger and you’re projecting that on to me. That’s fine, but it is hilarious.

    Oh, and for your reference, here’s the definition (and yes, even 1b. is too extreme to describe what I’m doing with your idol here):