The Super Bowl Commercial That Mocked Religious Believers

I loved it only in part because of the premise: A man spills salsa on his Jersey to reveal an outline of Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana. People come from miles around to see the “Miracle Stain“… until the man’s wife (a Baltimore Ravens fan) washes it away with Tide detergent:

It’s clever, funny, and a complete mockery of all those religious believers who take this premise seriously when it concerns Jesus or the Virgin Mary instead of a football player.

In 2010, there was an uproar when Focus on the Family paid for an anti-choice commercial starring Tim Tebow.

This year we saw a (mostly-lackluster) set of commercials where the spots people are talking about include a Scientology-sponsored ad (seen only in certain cities) and a spot for Dodge Ram trucks featuring a Paul Harvey voice-over about how God made farmers.

After all of that, this commercial was a welcome change.

In fact, it may be the closest thing to an anti-religious Super Bowl ad we’ve ever seen.

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