A Way to Help Parents in Ontario Exempt Their Kids from Religion Classes

In Ontario, Roman Catholic schools are funded by taxpayers just like public schools. While that means the government is paying for religious education, it also means the Catholic schools can’t completely get away from following certain rules. For example, students are not required to take a religious education class… as long as their parents request an exemption from the school.

Unfortunately, some parents have found those exemptions hard to come by.

Lo and behold, a website called MyExemption.com has been set up to help parents out with just that task:

It answers all your questions about getting the exemptions, guides you through the process, offers a sample letter (PDF), and lets you know exactly what to expect:

So… it won’t be easy. But the law requires it. If parents are educated about the fact that their kids don’t have to waste their time getting indoctrinated, they can take steps to put their kids in more useful classes.

(via Canadian Atheist)

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