Black Beyond Belief: A Second Trailer

A few months ago, I wrote about Sean Austin’s film project: a documentary examining the intersection of religion, non-belief, philosophy, and community in the lives of black atheists.

Since I last posted, Sean has traveled to Pennsylvania and Michigan in pursuit of stories, and he has also done interviews around Chicago. Black Beyond Belief isn’t quite ready for the public, but a second trailer is here!

Take a look:

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Kate is a junior studying psychology and human development at Northwestern University. She is the president of Northwestern's Secular Student Alliance and a writer at Teen Skepchick, Heresy Club, and various other places around the internet. Sometimes she sleeps.

  • chicago dyke

    damn, i’m excited about this. this is what needs to happen. as we say at another blog i frequent, “more like this, Please.”

    black people are chained to the church these days, mostly. it sickens me. as a black person, i am so very tired of being told “jeebus this, jeebus that, and that’s why we can’t have nice things” and crap like that.

    go, Black Atheist documentary makers! or white ones, or whatever.

  • smrnda

    I notice you’re in Chicago – Crommunist (of Freethought blogs) will be on a panel talk Friday at DePaul on atheism – he’s a Black atheist and thought I’d throw that out.

  • Kate Donovan

    As will Dr. Sikivu Hutchison and Dr. Tony Pinn–also black atheists! They’re all going to be at the panel.

  • Dennis Blankenship

    No audio in the trailer?

  • Dennis Blankenship

    Oops. The missing audio was my own hardware problem.

  • chicago dyke

    this is wonderful. unfortunately, right now i’m in TX.