What’s Your Favorite Proselytizing Technique?

Today, during my lunch break, I walked out of my building in downtown Chicago to meet a friend across the river. It’s pretty chilly up here, but there were some young ladies handing out carnations on the sidewalk.

For some reason, I have a hard time not taking crap that is handed to me… which is how I ended up with a yellow carnation with this card attached to it:

Mohammed is a prophet of mercy sharing the language of peace and love.

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said, “Be forgiving. For forgiveness only increases a worshipper’s [sic] glory.  So, forgive one another for God will glorify you.”

Besides making some graphic designers cringe, it’s pretty passive.

Coincidentally, I also came across this today:

Very tricky, Mormons! But you’re wrong: The only thing more satisfying than bubble wrap is stepping on a really crunch leaf.

So it got me thinking about what other forms of marketing groups (religious, non-religious, everyone does it!) use to attract people to their churches, meetings, clubs, etc.

Share your favorites!

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