More Powerpoint Slides from a Christian Pastor’s Anti-Gay Sermon

A couple of weeks ago, I posted images from the Powerpoint presentations of Pastor Will Coats of Newberry Christian Ministries (in South Carolina) as he spoke about the problems with homosexuality.

Pastor Will Coats

He just gave the third sermon in the series and it looks like he’s trying to be Internet savvy. He didn’t post the Powerpoint slides online like he did last time. Instead, he just posted a video of the images… and had them flash by really quickly so that no one could just swipe random pictures to make him look bad.

Looks like Pastor Coats never heard of screenshots.

So… I give you stills from The Problem With Homosexuality, Part 3.

The things I do for all of you…:

See? Not crazy at all… (I should mention I didn’t post the images of naked boys he had on his PPT slides, but they are in there. What the hell.)

The MP3 of the sermon is here, too.

I wrote this last time, but I feel like it’s worth repeating:

This is the sort of thing Christian pastors are saying to their congregations.

These are the stereotypes and outright lies they’re spreading — with little to no objection from the people sitting in the pews.

This is why gay people (and their allies) have to fight so hard to obtain the same rights straight people have.

Being gay isn’t a disorder. It isn’t the result of some “grand scheme.” It doesn’t make you an inferior person. But these are the ideas that permeate religious mentalities, especially Christian ones.

They won’t stop unless Christians begin to call out their pastors and stop supporting ones who believe this harmful nonsense.

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  • Gus Snarp

    Yeah. That pastor is fully and properly heterosexual. There are absolutely no sexual skeletons in his closet waiting to be discovered.

    Certainly he has never attended or hosted Nazi themed gay S&M orgies or anything like that.

  • MD

    Wait, the pictures of anointed fighters are making WHAT point exactly?

  • Sindigo

    Next time I go to a pride event I really want to see someone goes as the “Homosexual Trojan Horse”.

  • Taz

    “Zakar-man vs Neqevah-Man”
    Worst comic book ever!

  • baal

    I’m still thinking he’s working on excuses to have men with nice bodies on his computer “just research”.

    The “zaker” man slides imply that being gay or straight is on a continuum. I suspect he doesn’t really want to do that. The other point of those slides gay = selfish is offensive, wrong and odd.

  • WallofSleep

    Somehow I don’t think Neqevah-Man will catch on in the school yard. I think the kids will stick to calling each other f*gs.

  • Idea man

    Now that they have PowerPoint, it will be easier to convince their congregations they know something about science. We are going to have to double down on our efforts to get the truth out. Maybe we have someone who could make a colorful cartoon with nice music.

  • Canary

    Can’t someone call the cops and tell them he has child pornography?

  • Bill Clayten

    Nazism is the go-to for Christians and Republicans. I was reading this hilarious article on a Christian website (I read these sites as if they’re The Onion), and it stated that Nazi Germany came to power all because Hitler believed in evolution.

  • Donatello

    What I’ve learned from watching that video: the ideal image to show real masculine men is a few dozen guys standing naked in line just like cattle in the slaughterhouse, waiting to have their balls grabbed and their asses probed by a military doctor. Thanks, pastor Coats!

  • jdm8

    Their ignorance isn’t helping. It seems like the group is happy to learn only from their group’s preapproved sources of history. Their “unapproved” sources of history might tell them that Germany was comprised almost entirely of Christians of some stripe, and that homosexuals were among the undesirables sent away to die because they can’t help grow the ubermensch, because they don’t reproduce.

  • Gus Snarp

    So, men and boys should be naked around each other all the time, as long as they’re fairly average, but if they’re very muscular then the sight of their manly chests is a temptation to homosexuality? Is that what all this is saying? Or is it, men being naked is good, until a picture starts to make me feel funny, then it’s evil? Or maybe, I just love looking at pictures of naked men and boys and if I take the Bill O’Reilly, “shower naked with your son to make him straight” approach with the old WWII era pics, and the “naked buff men are gay” approach with the modern stuff, I can pretend to be making a proper, anti-gay point while just making a slide show using my favorite photos that will also help me find the people in the audience who might want to come back to my place afterwards….

    All of those are just so dumb….Are we absolutely certain that this isn’t satire? Can anyone fail self awareness this badly?

  • Octoberfurst

    So let me get this straight–pun intended–Rev Coats thinks that one of the problems Christianity faces today is that many pastor’s are too “nice” to homosexuals and are accepting them into their churches? Don’t those gay-friendly pastors know that those evil gays are plotting to destroy the church? Rev Coats knows the church needs to get tough! It’s such a shame you can’t stone homosexuals anymore right Rev? Idiot.

    And I assume those in the congregation just sat there nodding their empty heads in agreement while Coats spewed his nonsense. Don’t question or anything. Just soak up the hate like a sponge soaks up water. (This is why I don’t like religious people.)

    And one more thing. How much time did Coats spend looking up naked images of guys? How many sites did he go to? (For “research” purposes only of course.) And I don’t understand the one pic. The one with all the naked men cavorting on the beach with the caption: “last century was easier. The war R&R.” What does that mean?

  • Michae

    Homosexuality comes in flavors??? Who knew? That must spice up the night! : )

  • Lord Incaros

    I wonder, do people like this forget that bearing false witness (lying) is breaking a commandment, or do they just think making people hate homosexuals is more important then following their own gods laws?

  • Rich Wilson

    From the previous article:

    I think on one of these past two sermons you can hear me very strongly point out that any of us could very easily find ourselves in the midst of homosexual activity.

    – (someone claiming to be and I have no reason to assume otherwise) Pastor Coats

    I asked, but he didn’t explain how it is that he thinks he could easily find himself in the midst of homosexual activity.

  • OverlappingMaigteria

    Well, I’m convinced. He GRAPHS! And we all know that graphs means SCIENCE!

  • The Other Weirdo

    “Homosexual Trojan Horse”

    Now I’ve got two phrases rattling around in my brain: “Homosexual” and “Hung like a horse”. What is it with these people and the overly vivid homosexual imagery? Are they projecting or something? Is there a psychobabbler in the house who could explain all this?

  • The Other Weirdo

    Unless he really believes what he says. It’s not lying if you believe it, even if you’re wrong.

  • onamission5

    Gay. Trojan. Horse.
    I think I herniated myself laughing.

  • GloomCookie613

    So they should dress like a priest?

  • GloomCookie613

    Zakar-man, Zakar-man, Zakar-man hates Neqevah-man. They have a fight, Zakar wins, Neqevah-man.
    *accordion solo*

  • GloomCookie613

    You know how it is… walking to church to praise the Lord and then BAM! Gay disco orgy right in the street! I’ve seen it countless times.

  • trj

    Maybe last century pastor Coats didn’t have so many confusing thoughts about naked men.

  • Kengi

    So. Manly men are bad because they are gay. Pastors are too “nice” and not manly enough. Pastors need to be more like the manly gay men so they can stop the other manly gay men.

    Yeah, that makes perfect sense!

  • WallofSleep


    People like Coats aren’t in this business to glorify their god nor heed it’s laws.

  • Quintin van Zuijlen

    And that Origin of Species was banned.

  • Quintin van Zuijlen

    More evidence that he’s “completely heterosexual” methinks.

  • flyb

    This slide collection is just this dude’s idea of porn.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Not nearly enough nearly naked men like on the previous slides. I guess he wasn’t in the mood when he made these.

  • Golfie98

    I think he was also getting in on the product placement. Must have run out of johnnies and lube after the last lecture.

  • Houndentenor

    Maybe if he didn’t have his Grindr app on all the time he wouldn’t be finding so much homosexual activity to be in the midst of. LOL

  • Houndentenor

    Dammit! These pics weren’t nearly as hot as the last ones. I feel kind of let down. :-(

    I can laugh at this now but the 14-year old gay in the closet me would have felt like shit after. We didn’t talk about the gay thing that much at church when I was a kid. We were told it was wrong but they didn’t make the big production out of it then like they do now, and even then it was a horrible thing to deal with. I’m not at all surprised at the number of gay kids who kill themselves. Imagine being a gay teenager, praying every day for that to change, knowing that it hasn’t and probably won’t and then seeing something like this on Sunday. And worst of all this stuff often comes from people going through the exact same struggle. This is awful and it does real damage to lbgt youth.

  • Icehouse

    He’s saying MMA is homoerotic, even if it’s Christians doing it.

  • Holytape

    I do believe the two favors of homosexual in Nazi Germany were “Banana-Berry-Crunch” and “Arrested-beaten-and-thrown-into-a-concentration-camp-to-die-and-if-lucky-to-survive-only-to-be-rearrested-by-the-post-war-governments-and-thrown-in-jail.” I preferred the former flavor to the latter.

  • flyb

    I did Nazi that coming.

  • wmdkitty


  • Sue Blue

    I’m definitely getting the “I have doubts about my masculinity” vibes here. I picture this guy surreptitiously surfing porn sites after his wife is in bed, sweating as he clicks through those tacky penis-enlargement ads and desperately wondering if any of them really work.

  • Richard Wade

    This guy is utterly confused, lost amidst his own ridiculous extreme stereotypes.

    He got me wondering what he might think an actual “gay Trojan horse” would look like, as in the Iliad. He’s probably actually fantasized about it. It’s a giant, pink My Little Pony secretly filled with Greeks dressed as The Village People waiting to burst out and sing “Y.M.C.A” in synchronized choreography as they open the gates to the besieged city.

    Homophobia has become a severed major artery in Christianity, one of the main reasons it is losing younger members. Trying to become more sophisticated with digital technology and being “internet savvy” isn’t really going to help these bigots. If their message is filled with stupidity, falsehood, fear, and loathing, that same technology can easily be used to expose and ridicule them, just as Hemant has done here. The technology they’re using to promote their hate club will be their undoing.

    Beware of geeks bearing gifts.

  • Jen

    Omg. AND! SCIENCE is EVOLUTION which is how they promote the HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA! Wait, is the pastor a double agent?!?! Clever…

  • Chris Leithiser

    And he places men on the hypotenuse. Which is Greek for “totally not gay pastor”

  • Chris Leithiser

    And his graph explanation doesn’t add up, either. He repeats “Zakarless” erroneously. (Wasn’t that the Great Prophet in “Restaurant at the End of the Universe?”)

  • Houndentenor

    The combination of uniformed readings of history, selective use of data (some accurate, some not), a complete misunderstanding of homosexuality, long-discredited theories about the formation of sexual orientation and of course a few conspiracy theories thrown in for good measure makes all this completely baffling. None of this holds up to even the lowest standard of evidence and reason. Worst of all, I fear that people saw this presentation and didn’t think long enough to see the many errors in fact and logic that makes this utter nonsense.

    But just in case the pastor reads this like he did the last thread, I’d love to know…at one point did I choose to be a homosexual. I don’t remember choosing and no gay person (male or female) remembers either. But fundamentalist Christians are always telling us it’s a choice, so please tell us since we’re the ones that are gay and we don’t know, when did we choose? Because honestly if I had gotten to choose I’d have been bi, because I believe in always keeping my opinions open and I have met some amazing women who I’d really have liked to have loved “that way”. I just didn’t. So please enlighten me because I’d really like to know.

  • coyotenose

    And that Hitler’s go-to guy for biology was against Evolutionary Theory.

  • coyotenose

    I’m starting to think he got all his information on gays from that episode of the Simpsons where Homer takes Bart to the steel mill.

  • Chris B

    If you happen to be playing Logical Fallacy Bingo, I believe False Dichotomy has just been called!

  • Rich Wilson

    Pretty sure we had a blackout right out of the gate.

  • wright1

    Thanks. After Coats’ drivel-hate, a “Particle Man” reference really feels good :D

  • GloomCookie613

    Everything is better with mad accordion solos. :D Glad I could give you a smile :)

  • Antinomian

    The second question would be: When did they decide to be Heterosexual?

  • Tracy

    It’s interesting to me that for most fundies, homosexuality seems to be all about men on men. Not much talk of lesbians. Is it that they think that gay men are acting like women, and that’s what bothers them? I mean, are they aware that women are homosexual too?